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Louisiana Civil Code

CC 1-999 | CC 1000-1999 | CC 2000-2999 | CC 3000-3556
CC 1: Sources of law
CC 2: Legislation
CC 3: Custom
CC 4: Absence of legislation or custom
CC 5: Ignorance of law
CC 6: Retroactivity of laws
CC 7: Laws for the preservation of the public interest
CC 8: Repeal of laws
CC 9: Clear and unambiguous law
CC 10: Language susceptible of different meanings
CC 11: Meaning of words
CC 12: Ambiguous words
CC 13: Laws on the same subject matter
CC 14: Multistate cases
CC 24: Kinds of persons
CC 25: Commencement and end of natural personality
CC 26: Unborn child
CC 27: General legal capacity
CC 28: Capacity to make juridical acts
CC 29: Age of majority
CC 30: Presumption of death
CC 31: Existence of a person at time of accrual of a right
CC 38: Domicile, general definition.
CC 39: Domicile and residence
CC 40: Domicile of spouses
CC 41: Domicile of unemancipated minor
CC 42: Domicile of interdict
CC 43: Domicile of person under continued or permanent tutorship
CC 44: Change of domicile
CC 45: Proof of intent to change domicile
CC 46: Person holding temporary position
CC 47: Curator of an absent person's property
CC 48: Powers, rights, and duties of curator
CC 49: Legal capacity of absent person
CC 50: Termination of curatorship of right
CC 51: Termination by judgment of declaration of death
CC 52: Effects of termination of curatorship
CC 53: Validity of acts of curator after termination of the curatorship
CC 54: Absent person; declaration of death
CC 55: Declaration of death; effect
CC 56: New evidence as to time of death
CC 57: Reappearance of absent person; recovery of his property
CC 58: Succession rights of person presumed dead or declared dead
CC 59: Reappearance of absent person; recovery of his inheritance
CC 60: Arts. 60 to 85 repealed by acts 1990, no. 989, 1, eff. january 1, 1991.
CC 86: Marriage; definition
CC 87: Contract of marriage; requirements
CC 88: Impediment of existing marriage
CC 89: Impediment of same sex
CC 90: Impediments of relationship
CC 91: Marriage ceremony required
CC 92: Marriage by procuration prohibited
CC 93: Vices of consent
CC 94: Absolutely null marriage
CC 95: Relatively null marriage; confirmation
CC 96: Civil effects of absolutely null marriage; putative marriage
CC 97: Civil effects of relatively null marriage
CC 98: Mutual duties of married persons
CC 99: Family authority
CC 100: Surname of married persons
CC 101: Termination of marriage
CC 102: Judgment of divorce; living separate and apart prior to rule
CC 103: Judgment of divorce; other grounds
CC 103.1: Judgment of divorce; time periods
CC 104: Reconciliation
CC 105: Determination of incidental matters
CC 111: Spousal support; authority of court
CC 112: Determination of final periodic support
CC 113: Interim spousal support allowance pending final spousal support award
CC 114: Modification or termination of award of periodic support
CC 115: Extinguishment of spousal support obligation
CC 116: Modification of spousal support obligation
CC 117: Peremptive period for obligation
CC 121: Claim for contributions to education or training; authority of court
CC 122: Nature of action
CC 123: Form of award; effect of remarriage or death
CC 124: Prescription of spousal claim for contributions
CC 131: Court to determine custody
CC 132: Award of custody to parents
CC 133: Award of custody to person other than a parent; order of preference
CC 134: Factors in determining child's best interest
CC 135: Closed custody hearing
CC 136: Award of visitation rights
CC 136.1: award of visitation rights
CC 137: Denial of visitation; felony rape
CC 141: Child support; authority of court
CC 142: Modification or termination of child support award
CC 149: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 150: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 151: Proceeding for declaration of nullity of a marriage; interim incidental relief
CC 152: Proceeding for declaration of nullity of a marriage; final incidental relief
CC 153: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 154: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 155: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 156: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 159: Effect of divorce on community property regime
CC 160: Blank]
CC 161: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1008, 6, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 162: Arts. 162 to 175 repealed by acts 1990, no. 705, 1.
CC 184: Maternity
CC 185: Presumption of paternity of husband
CC 186: Presumption if child is born after divorce or after death of husband; effect of disavowal
CC 187: Disavowal action; proof
CC 188: Disavowal precluded in case of assisted conception
CC 189: Time limit for disavowal by the husband
CC 190: Time limit for disavowal by heir or legatee
CC 191: Contestation and establishment of paternity by mother
CC 192: Contestation action; proof
CC 193: Contestation and establishment of paternity; time period
CC 194: Judgment in contestation action
CC 195: Presumption by marriage and acknowledgment; child not filiated to another man; proof; time period
CC 196: Formal acknowledgment; presumption
CC 197: Child's action to establish paternity; proof; time period
CC 198: Father's action to establish paternity; time period
CC 199: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 200: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 201: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 202: Repealed by acts 1979, no. 607, 4.
CC 203: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 204: Repealed by acts 1979, no. 607, 4.
CC 205: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 206: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 207: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 208: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 209: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 210: Repealed by acts 1980, no. 549, 2.
CC 211: Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, §1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 212: Adult adoption requirements
CC 213: Adult adoption; form
CC 214: Adult adoption; recordation requirement
CC 215: Filial honor and respect.
CC 216: Parental authority.
CC 217: Filial obedience.
CC 218: Parental custody and correction.
CC 219: Parental appointment of tutors.
CC 220: Delegation of parental authority.
CC 221: Parental administration of child's estate.
CC 222: Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 223: Parental usufruct on minor child's property
CC 224: Obligations resulting from parents' usufruct.
CC 225: Repealed by acts 1990, no. 361, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 226: Parent's usufruct in child's estate; exceptions
CC 227: Parental support and education of children.
CC 228: Marriage settlement or advancement.
CC 229: Reciprocal alimentary duties of ascendants and descendants.
CC 230: Scope of alimentary obligation
CC 231: Basis for granting alimony.
CC 232: Reduction of alimony or discharge from payment.
CC 233: Duty to receive in home in lieu of alimony payments.
CC 234: Parental choice to receive child at home in lieu of alimony payments.
CC 235: Parental protection and representation of children in litigation.
CC 236: Justification of parent's assault in defense of children.
CC 237: Parents' liability for offenses or quasi-offenses of children.
CC 238: Illegitimate children, freedom from parental authority.
CC 239: Reciprocal duties between parents and illegitimate children.
CC 240: Reciprocal duty to furnish alimony.
CC 241: Illegitimate child's claim for alimony from parents' heirs.
CC 242: Conditions governing claim to alimony.
CC 243: Termination of duty to pay alimony.
CC 244: Other rules concerning alimony.
CC 245: Custody of illegitimate children acknowledged by both parents
CC 246: Occasion for tutorship.
CC 247: Kinds of tutorships.
CC 248: Modes of establishment of tutorships.
CC 249: Accountability of tutor.
CC 250: Persons entitled to tutorship
CC 251: Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 252: Unborn and posthumous children.
CC 253: Repealed by acts 1974, no. 163, 2.
CC 254: Arts. 254, 255 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2
CC 256: Illegitimate children
CC 257: Surviving parent's right of appointment.
CC 258: Right of appointment where parents are divorced or separated
CC 259: Option of acceptance of tutorship.
CC 260: Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 261: Illegitimate child.
CC 262: Appointment of several tutors; order of priority.
CC 263: Qualified ascendants; collaterals by blood; surviving spouse.
CC 270: Occasion for tutorship.
CC 273: Necessity for appointment.
CC 278: Liability concerning minor's legal mortgage.
CC 279: Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 280: Termination of undertutorship.
CC 281: Arts. 281 to 291 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 292: Excuse by reason of office or function.
CC 293: Waiver of excuse by subsequent acceptance of tutorship.
CC 294: Subsequently acquired excuse.
CC 295: Excuse for remote relationship.
CC 296: Excuse for age.
CC 297: Excuse for infirmity.
CC 298: Excuse for prior tutorships
CC 299: Time to present excuse.
CC 300: Provisional administration pending consideration of excuse.
CC 301: Parent's unconditional obligation of tutorship.
CC 302: Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2
CC 307: Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 308: Duty to apply for appointment.
CC 309: Minors exempt from taking application.
CC 310: Liability for failure to make application.
CC 311: Action for damages; prescription.
CC 322: Minor's legal mortgage on tutor's property.
CC 333: Sale of mortgaged property by one claimant; inscription of legal mortgage of remaining minors.
CC 336: Alienation of minor's immovables.
CC 337: Repealed by acts 2001, no. 572, 2.
CC 338: Interest.
CC 339: Agreements between tutor and minor.
CC 340: Prescription of minor's action against tutor.
CC 354: Procedure for placing under tutorship.
CC 355: Petition for continuing or permanent tutorship
CC 356: Title of proceedings; procedural rules; parents as tutor and undertutor.
CC 357: Decree, place of recording, notice.
CC 358: Authority, privileges, and duties of tutor and undertutor; termination of tutorship.
CC 359: Restriction on legal capacity.
CC 360: Parents' rights of administration.
CC 361: Contest of decree restricting legal capacity.
CC 362: Persons subject to interdiction.
CC 365: Emancipation
CC 366: Judicial emancipation
CC 367: Emancipation by marriage
CC 368: Limited emancipation by authentic act
CC 369: Emancipation; when effective
CC 370: Modification and termination of judicial emancipation
CC 371: Modification or termination of limited emancipation by authentic act
CC 389: Full interdiction
CC 390: Limited interdiction
CC 391: Temporary and preliminary interdiction
CC 392: Curators
CC 393: Undercurators
CC 394: Pre-interdiction juridical acts
CC 395: Capacity to make juridical acts
CC 396: Effective date of judgment of interdiction
CC 397: Modification and termination of interdiction
CC 398: Effective date of modification or termination of a judgment of interdiction
CC 399: Responsibility for wrongful filing of interdiction petition
CC 448: Division of things.
CC 449: Common things.
CC 450: Public things.
CC 451: Seashore.
CC 452: Public things and common things subject to public use.
CC 453: Private things.
CC 454: Freedom of disposition by private persons.
CC 455: Private things subject to public use.
CC 456: Banks of navigable rivers or streams.
CC 457: Roads; public or private.
CC 458: Works obstructing the public use.
CC 459: Building encroaching on public way.
CC 460: Construction of navigation facilities on public places by port commissions or municipalities.
CC 461: Corporeals and incorporeals.
CC 462: Tracts of land.
CC 463: Component parts of tracts of land.
CC 464: Buildings and standing timber as separate immovables.
CC 465: Things incorporated into an immovable.
CC 466: Component parts of a building or other construction
CC 467: Immovables by declaration.
CC 468: Deimmobilization.
CC 469: Transfer or encumbrance of immovable.
CC 470: Incorporeal immovables.
CC 471: Corporeal movables.
CC 472: Building materials.
CC 473: Incorporeal movables.
CC 474: Movables by anticipation.
CC 475: Things not immovable.
CC 476: Rights in things.
CC 477: Ownership; content
CC 478: Resolutory condition; real right in favor of other person.
CC 479: Necessity of a person.
CC 480: Co-ownership.
CC 481: Ownership and possession distinguished.
CC 482: Accession.
CC 483: Ownership of fruits by accession.
CC 484: Young of animals.
CC 485: Fruits produced by a third person; reimbursement.
CC 486: Possessor's right to fruits.
CC 487: Possessor in good faith; definition.
CC 488: Products; reimbursement of expenses.
CC 489: Apportionment of fruits.
CC 490: Accession above and below the surface.
CC 491: Buildings, other constructions, standing timber, and crops.
CC 492: Separate ownership of part of a building.
CC 493: Ownership of improvements
CC 493.1: Ownership of component parts
CC 493.2: Loss of ownership by accession; claims of former owner
CC 494: Constructions by landowner with materials of another.
CC 495: Things incorporated in, or attached to, an immovable with the consent of the owner of the immovable.
CC 496: Constructions by possessor in good faith.
CC 497: Constructions by bad faith possessor.
CC 498: Claims against third persons
CC 499: Alluvion and dereliction.
CC 500: Shore of the sea or of a lake.
CC 501: Division of alluvion.
CC 502: Sudden action of waters.
CC 503: Island formed by river opening a new channel.
CC 504: Ownership of abandoned bed when river changes course.
CC 505: Islands and sandbars in navigable rivers.
CC 506: Ownership of beds of nonnavigable rivers or streams.
CC 507: Accession as between movables.
CC 508: Things principal and accessory.
CC 509: Value or bulk as a basis to determine principal thing.
CC 510: Union of a principal and an accessory thing.
CC 511: Ownership of new thing made with materials of another.
CC 512: Effect of bad faith.
CC 513: Use of materials of two owners; separation or co-ownership.
CC 514: Mixture of materials.
CC 515: Recovery of materials or value in lieu of ownership.
CC 516: Liability for unauthorized use of a movable.
CC 517: Voluntary transfer of ownership of an immovable
CC 518: Voluntary transfer of the ownership of a movable
CC 519: Transfer of action for recovery of movable.
CC 520: Repealed by acts 1981, no. 125, 1.
CC 521: Lost or stolen thing.
CC 522: Transfer of ownership by owner under annullable title.
CC 523: Good faith; definition.
CC 524: Recovery of lost or stolen things.
CC 525: Registered movables.
CC 526: Recognition of ownership; recovery of the thing.
CC 527: Necessary expenses.
CC 528: Useful expenses.
CC 529: Right of retention.
CC 530: Presumption of ownership of movable.
CC 531: Proof of ownership of immovable.
CC 532: Common author.
CC 533: Kinds of servitudes.
CC 534: Personal servitude.
CC 535: Usufruct.
CC 536: Consumable things.
CC 537: Nonconsumable things.
CC 538: Usufruct of consumable things.
CC 539: Usufruct of nonconsumable things.
CC 540: Nature of usufruct.
CC 541: Divisibility of usufruct.
CC 542: Divisibility of naked ownership.
CC 543: Partition of the property in kind or by licitation
CC 544: Methods of establishing usufruct; things susceptible of usufruct.
CC 545: Modifications of usufruct.
CC 546: Usufruct in favor of successive usufructuaries.
CC 547: Usufruct in favor of several usufructuaries.
CC 548: Existence of usufructuaries.
CC 549: Capacity to receive usufruct.
CC 550: Right to all fruits.
CC 551: Kinds of fruits.
CC 552: Corporate distributions.
CC 553: Voting of shares of stock.
CC 554: Commencement of the right to fruits.
CC 555: Nonapportionment of natural fruits.
CC 556: Apportionment of civil fruits.
CC 557: Possession and use of the things.
CC 558: Improvements and alterations.
CC 559: Accessories.
CC 560: Trees, stones, and other materials.
CC 561: Mines and quarries.
CC 562: Usufruct of timberlands.
CC 563: Alluvion.
CC 564: Treasure.
CC 565: Predial servitudes.
CC 566: Actions.
CC 567: Contracts affecting the usufructuary's liability.
CC 568: Disposition of nonconsumable things; payment of tax
CC 569: Restoration of things gradually impaired.
CC 570: Inventory.
CC 571: Security
CC 572: Amount of security.
CC 573: Dispensation of security by operation of law
CC 574: Delay in giving security.
CC 575: Failure to give security.
CC 576: Standard of care.
CC 577: Liability for repairs.
CC 578: Ordinary and extraordinary repairs.
CC 579: Rights of action for repairs.
CC 580: Reimbursement for necessary repairs.
CC 581: Liability for necessary expenses.
CC 582: Abandonment of usufruct.
CC 583: Ruin from accident or decay.
CC 584: Annual charges.
CC 585: Extraordinary charges.
CC 586: Liability for debts; usufruct inter vivos.
CC 587: Liability for debts; usufruct mortis causa.
CC 588: Usufruct under particular title.
CC 589: Universal usufruct and usufruct under universal title.
CC 590: Sale of property to pay succession debts.
CC 591: Advance of sums; measure of liability.
CC 592: Return of capital; payment of interest.
CC 593: Discharge of legacy of annuity
CC 594: Court costs; expenses of litigation.
CC 595: Expenses of litigation; legal usufruct.
CC 596: Expenses of litigation; conventional usufruct.
CC 597: Liability of the usufructuary for servitudes.
CC 598: Duty to give information to owner.
CC 599: Usufruct of a herd of animals.
CC 600: Disposition of animals.
CC 601: Removal of improvements.
CC 602: Set off against damages.
CC 603: Disposition of the naked ownership; alienation or encumbrance of the property.
CC 604: Servitudes.
CC 605: Toleration of the enjoyment.
CC 606: Improvements.
CC 607: Death of the usufructuary.
CC 608: Dissolution of legal entity; thirty year limitation.
CC 609: Termination of legacy of revenues.
CC 610: Usufruct for a term or under condition.
CC 611: Term; transfer of usufruct to another person.
CC 612: Term; third person reaching a certain age.
CC 613: Loss, extinction, or destruction of property.
CC 614: Fault of a third person.
CC 615: Change of the form of property.
CC 616: Sale of the property
CC 617: Proceeds of insurance.
CC 618: Investment of money.
CC 619: Changes made by the testator.
CC 620: Sale of the property or of the usufruct.
CC 621: Prescription of nonuse.
CC 622: Confusion of usufruct and naked ownership.
CC 623: Abuse of the enjoyment.
CC 624: Consequences of abuse.
CC 625: Intervention by creditors of the usufructuary.
CC 626: Renunciation; rights of creditors.
CC 627: Right of retention.
CC 628: Consequences of termination; usufruct of nonconsumables.
CC 629: Consequences of termination; usufruct of consumables.
CC 630: Habitation.
CC 631: Establishment and extinction.
CC 632: Regulation by title.
CC 633: Persons residing in the house.
CC 634: Extent of right of habitation.
CC 635: Degree of care; duty to restore the property.
CC 636: Taxes, repairs, and other charges.
CC 637: Nontransferable and nonheritable right.
CC 638: Duration of habitation.
CC 639: Right of use.
CC 640: Content of the servitude.
CC 641: Persons having the servitude.
CC 642: Extent of the servitude.
CC 643: Transferable right.
CC 644: Heritable right.
CC 645: Regulation of the servitude.
CC 646: Predial servitude; definition.
CC 647: Benefit to dominant estate.
CC 648: Contiguity or proximity of the estates.
CC 649: Nature; incorporeal immovable.
CC 650: Inseparability of servitude
CC 651: Obligations of the owner of the servient estate.
CC 652: Indivisibility of servitude.
CC 653: Division of advantages.
CC 654: Kinds of predial servitudes.
CC 655: Natural drainage.
CC 656: Obligations of the owners.
CC 657: Estate bordering on running water.
CC 658: Estate through which water runs.
CC 659: Legal servitudes; notion.
CC 660: Keeping buildings in repair
CC 661: Building in danger of falling.
CC 662: Building near a wall.
CC 663: Projections over boundary.
CC 664: Rain drip from roof.
CC 665: Legal public servitudes.
CC 666: River road; substitution if destroyed or impassable.
CC 667: Limitations on use of property
CC 668: Inconvenience to neighbor.
CC 669: Regulation of inconvenience.
CC 670: Encroaching building.
CC 671: Destruction of private property to arrest fire.
CC 672: Other legal servitudes.
CC 673: Common wall servitude.
CC 674: Contribution by neighbor.
CC 675: Presumption of common wall.
CC 676: Adjoining wall.
CC 677: Rights and obligations of co-owners.
CC 678: Cost of repairs.
CC 679: Abandonment of common wall.
CC 680: Rights in common walls.
CC 681:
CC 682: Raising the height of common wall.
CC 683: Neighbor's right to make the raised part common.
CC 684: Enclosures.
CC 685: Common fences.
CC 686: Common ditches.
CC 687: Trees, bushes, and plants on the boundary.
CC 688: Branches or roots of trees, bushes, or plants on neighboring property.
CC 689: Enclosed estate; right of passage.
CC 690: Extent of passage.
CC 691: Constructions.
CC 692: Location of passage.
CC 693: Enclosed estate; voluntary act.
CC 694: Enclosed estate; voluntary alienation or partition.
CC 695: Relocation of servitude.
CC 696: Prescriptibility of action for indemnity.
CC 697: Right to establish predial servitudes; limitations.
CC 698: Property susceptible of servitudes.
CC 699: Examples of predial servitudes.
CC 700: Servitude of support.
CC 701: Servitude of view.
CC 702: Prohibition of view.
CC 703: Servitude of light.
CC 704: Prohibition of light.
CC 705: Servitude of passage.
CC 706: Servitudes; affirmative or negative.
CC 707: Servitudes; apparent or nonapparent.
CC 708: Establishment of predial servitude.
CC 709: Mandatary.
CC 710: Naked owner.
CC 711: Usufructuary.
CC 712: Owner for a term or under condition.
CC 713: Purchaser with reservation of redemption.
CC 714: Co-owner; servitude on entire estate.
CC 715: Exercise of the servitude.
CC 716: Servitude on undivided part.
CC 717: Partition in kind.
CC 718: Partition by licitation.
CC 719: Successor of the co-owner.
CC 720: Additional servitudes.
CC 721: Servitude on mortgaged property.
CC 722: Modes of establishment.
CC 723: Servitudes on public things.
CC 724: Multiple dominant or servient estates.
CC 725: Reciprocal servitudes.
CC 726: Servitude on after-acquired property.
CC 727: Servitude on part of an estate.
CC 728: Limitation of use.
CC 729: Conventional alteration of legal or natural servitude.
CC 730: Interpretation of servitude.
CC 731: Charge expressly for the benefit of an estate.
CC 732: Interpretation in the absence of express declaration.
CC 733: Interpretation; benefit of dominant estate.
CC 734: Interpretation; convenience of a person.
CC 735: Persons acquiring servitude.
CC 736: Capacity to acquire servitude.
CC 737: Renunciation of servitude by owner of dominant estate.
CC 738: No revocation by grantor.
CC 739: Acquisition by title only.
CC 740: Modes of acquisition of servitudes.
CC 741: Destination of the owner.
CC 742: Acquisitive prescription.
CC 743: Accessory rights.
CC 744: Necessary works; cost of repairs.
CC 745: Right to enter into the servient estate.
CC 746: Exoneration from responsibility by abandonment of the servient estate.
CC 747: Division of dominant estate.
CC 748: Noninterference by the owner of servient estate.
CC 749: Extent and manner of use of servitude when title is silent.
CC 750: Location of servitude when the title is silent.
CC 751: Destruction of dominant or of servient estate.
CC 752: Reestablishment of things.
CC 753: Prescription for nonuse.
CC 754: Commencement of nonuse.
CC 755: Obstacle to servitude.
CC 756: Failure to rebuild dominant or servient estate.
CC 757: Sufficiency of acts by third persons.
CC 758: Imprescriptibility of natural servitudes.
CC 759: Partial use.
CC 760: More extensive use than title.
CC 761: Use of accessory right.
CC 762: Use by co-owner.
CC 763: Minority or other disability.
CC 764: Burden of proof of use.
CC 765: Confusion.
CC 766: Resolutory condition.
CC 767: Acceptance of succession; confusion
CC 768: Confusion; separate and community property.
CC 769: Irrevocability of extinction by confusion.
CC 770: Abandonment of servient estate.
CC 771: Renunciation of servitude.
CC 772: Renunciation by owner.
CC 773: Expiration of time or happening of condition.
CC 774: Dissolution of the right of the grantor.
CC 775: Building restrictions.
CC 776: Establishment
CC 777: Nature and regulation.
CC 778: Affirmative duties.
CC 779: Injunctive relief.
CC 780: Amendment and termination of building restrictions
CC 781: Termination; liberative prescription.
CC 782: Abandonment of plan or of restriction.
CC 783: Matters of interpretation and application
CC 784: Boundary; marker.
CC 785: Fixing of the boundary.
CC 786: Persons who may compel fixing of boundary.
CC 787: Lessee may compel lessor.
CC 788: Imprescriptibility of the right.
CC 789: Fixing of boundary judicially or extrajudicially.
CC 790: Costs.
CC 791: Liability for unauthorized removal of markers.
CC 792: Fixing of boundary according to ownership or possession
CC 793: Determination of ownership according to titles.
CC 794: Determination of ownership according to prescription.
CC 795: Effect of boundary agreement.
CC 796: Error in the location of markers; rectification.
CC 797: Ownership in indivision; definition
CC 798: Right to fruits and products
CC 799: Liability of a co-owner
CC 800: Preservation of the thing
CC 801: Use and management by agreement
CC 802: Right to use the thing
CC 803: Use and management of the thing in the absence of agreement
CC 804: Substantial alterations or improvements
CC 805: Disposition of undivided share
CC 806: Expenses of maintenance and management
CC 807: Right to partition; exclusion by agreement
CC 808: Partition excluded
CC 809: Judicial and extrajudicial partition
CC 810: Partition in kind
CC 811: Partition by licitation or by private sale
CC 812: Effect of partition on real rights
CC 813: Partition in kind
CC 814: Rescission of partition for lesion
CC 815: Partition by licitation
CC 816: Partition in kind; warranty
CC 817: Imprescriptibility of action
CC 818: Other rights held in indivision
CC 819: Arts. 819 to 822 repealed by acts 1977, no. 514, 1.
CC 823: Arts. 823 to 855 repealed by acts 1977, no. 170, 1
CC 856: Arts. 856 to 869 repealed by acts 1977, no. 169, 1.
CC 870: Modes of acquiring ownership
CC 871: Meaning of succession.
CC 872: Meaning of estate.
CC 873: Kinds of succession.
CC 874: Testate succession.
CC 875: Intestate succession.
CC 876: Kinds of successors.
CC 877:
CC 878:
CC 879:
CC 880: Intestate succession.
CC 881: Representation: effect
CC 882: Representation in direct line of descendants
CC 883: Representation of ascendants not permissible.
CC 884: Representation in collateral line.
CC 885: Basis of partition in cases of representation.
CC 886: Representation of deceased persons only.
CC 887: Representation of decedent whose succession was renounced.
CC 888: Succession rights of descendants.
CC 889: Devolution of community property.
CC 890: Usufruct of surviving spouse
CC 891: Devolution of separate property; parents and brothers and sisters
CC 892: Devolution of separate property in absence of parents or in absence of brothers and sisters.
CC 893: Brothers and sisters related by half-blood.
CC 894: Separate property; rights of surviving spouse.
CC 895: Separate property; rights of other ascendants
CC 896: Separate property; rights of other collaterals.
CC 897: Ascendant's right to inherit immovables donated to descendant.
CC 898: Reversion of property subject to encumbrances and succession debts.
CC 899: Nearest in degree among more remote relations.
CC 900: Degrees of relationship.
CC 901: Direct and collateral relationship.
CC 902: Rights of the state.
CC 903: Arts. 903 to 933 repealed by acts 1981, no. 919, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1982.
CC 934: Commencement of succession
CC 935: Acquisition of ownership; seizin
CC 936: Continuation of the possession of decedent
CC 937: Transmission of rights of successor
CC 938: Exercise of succession rights
CC 939: Existence of successor
CC 940: Same; unborn child
CC 941: Declaration of unworthiness
CC 942: Persons who may bring action
CC 943: Reconciliation or forgiveness
CC 944: Prescription
CC 945: Effects of declaration of unworthiness
CC 946: Devolution of succession rights of successor declared unworthy
CC 947: Right of successor to accept or renounce
CC 948: Minor successor deemed to accept
CC 949: Death of decedent as prerequisite to acceptance or renunciation
CC 950: Knowledge required of successor as prerequisite to acceptance or renunciation
CC 951: Nullity of premature acceptance or renunciation
CC 952: Probate or annulment of testament after acceptance or renunciation of succession
CC 953: Legacy subject to a suspensive condition
CC 954: Retroactive effects of acceptance and renunciation
CC 955: Reserved]
CC 956: Claims of successor who is a creditor of the estate
CC 957: Formal or informal acceptance
CC 958: Informal acceptance; use or disposition of property
CC 959: Informal acceptance; act of ownership
CC 960: Donative renunciation deemed acceptance
CC 961: Effect of acceptance
CC 962: Presumption of acceptance
CC 963: Requirement of formality
CC 964: Accretion upon renunciation in intestate successions
CC 965: Accretion upon renunciation in testate successions
CC 966: Acceptance or renunciation of accretion
CC 967: Acceptance of succession by creditor
CC 968: Reserved]
CC 969: Arts. 969-1074 [blank]

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