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Louisiana Civil Code

CC 1-999 | CC 1000-1999 | CC 2000-2999 | CC 3000-3556
CC 2000: Damages for delay measured by interest; no need of proof; attorney fees
CC 2001: Interest on interest
CC 2002: Reasonable efforts to mitigate damages
CC 2003: Obligee in bad faith
CC 2004: Clause that excludes or limits liability
CC 2005: Secondary obligation
CC 2006: Nullity of the principal obligation
CC 2007: Stipulated damages or performance
CC 2008: Failure to perform justified
CC 2009: Obligee not bound to prove damage
CC 2010: Obligor put in default
CC 2011: Benefit from partial performance
CC 2012: Stipulated damages may not be modified
CC 2013: Obligee's right to dissolution
CC 2014: Importance of failure to perform
CC 2015: Dissolution after notice to perform
CC 2016: Dissolution without notice to perform
CC 2017: Express dissolution clause
CC 2018: Effects of dissolution
CC 2019: Contracts for continuous or periodic performance
CC 2020: Contracts made by more than two parties
CC 2021: Rights of third party in good faith
CC 2022: Refusal to perform
CC 2023: Security for performance
CC 2024: Contract terminated by a party's initiative
CC 2025: Definition; simulation and counterletter
CC 2026: Absolute simulation
CC 2027: Relative simulation
CC 2028: Effects as to third persons
CC 2029: Nullity of contracts
CC 2030: Absolute nullity of contracts
CC 2031: Relative nullity of contracts
CC 2032: Prescription of action
CC 2033: Effects
CC 2034: Nullity of a provision
CC 2035: Rights of third party in good faith
CC 2036: Act of the obligor that causes or increases his insolvency
CC 2037: Insolvency
CC 2038: Onerous contract made by the obligor
CC 2039: Gratuitous contract made by the obligor
CC 2040: Contract made in course of business
CC 2041: Action must be brought within one year
CC 2042: Obligee must join obligor and third persons
CC 2043: Assets transferred must be returned
CC 2044: Insolvency by failure to exercise right
CC 2045: Determination of the intent of the parties
CC 2046: No further interpretation when intent is clear
CC 2047: Meaning of words
CC 2048: Words susceptible of different meanings
CC 2049: Provision susceptible of different meanings
CC 2050: Provisions interpreted in light of each other
CC 2051: Contract worded in general terms
CC 2052: Situation to which the contract applies
CC 2053: Nature of contract, equity, usages, conduct of the parties, and other contracts between same parties
CC 2054: No provision of the parties for a particular situation
CC 2055: Equity and usage
CC 2056: Standard-form contracts
CC 2057: Contract interpreted in favor of obligor
CC 2058: Arts. 2058 to 2291 Repealed by Acts 1984, No. 331, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1985.
CC 2292: Management of affairs; definition
CC 2293: Application of rules governing mandate
CC 2294: Duties of the manager; notice to the owner
CC 2295: Duties of the manager; liability for loss
CC 2296: Capacity
CC 2297: Obligations of the owner
CC 2298: Enrichment without cause; compensation
CC 2299: Obligation to restore
CC 2300: Obligation that does not exist
CC 2301: Obligation under suspensive condition
CC 2302: Payment of the debt of another person
CC 2303: Liability of the person receiving payment
CC 2304: Restoration of a thing or its value
CC 2305: Liability when the thing is alienated
CC 2306: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2307: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2308: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2309: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2310: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2311: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2312: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2313: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1041.
CC 2314: Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 180, 3.
CC 2315: Liability for acts causing damages
CC 2315.1: Survival action
CC 2315.2: Wrongful death action
CC 2315.3: Repealed by Acts 1996, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 2, 1, eff. April 16, 1996.
CC 2315.4: Additional damages; intoxicated defendant
CC 2315.5: Wrongful death and survival action; exception
CC 2315.6: Liability for damages caused by injury to another
CC 2315.7: Liability for damages caused by criminal sexual activity occurring during childhood
CC 2316: Negligence, imprudence or want of skill.
CC 2317: Acts of others and of things in custody.
CC 2317.1: Damage caused by ruin, vice, or defect in things
CC 2318: Acts of minors
CC 2319: Acts of insane persons.
CC 2320: Acts of servants, students or apprentices
CC 2321: Damage caused by animals
CC 2322: Damage caused by ruin of building
CC 2322.1: Users of blood or tissue; a medical service
CC 2323: Comparative fault
CC 2324: Liability as solidary or joint and divisible obligation
CC 2324.1: Damages; discretion of judge or jury
CC 2324.2: Reduction of recovery
CC 2325: Matrimonial regime.
CC 2326: Kinds of matrimonial regimes.
CC 2327: Legal regime.
CC 2328: Contractual regime; matrimonial agreement.
CC 2329: Exclusion or modification of matrimonial regime.
CC 2330: Limits of contractual freedom.
CC 2331: Form of matrimonial agreement.
CC 2332: Effect toward third persons.
CC 2333: Minors.
CC 2334: Persons; scope of application of the legal regime.
CC 2335: Classification of property
CC 2336: Ownership of community property
CC 2337: Disposition of undivided interest.
CC 2338: Community property.
CC 2339: Fruits and revenues of separate property.
CC 2340: Presumption of community.
CC 2341: Separate property.
CC 2341.1: Acquisition of undivided interests; separate and community property
CC 2342: Declaration of acquisition of separate property
CC 2343: Donation by spouse of interest in community.
CC 2343.1: Transfer of separate property to the community.
CC 2344: Offenses and quasi-offenses; damages as community or separate property.
CC 2345: Satisfaction of obligation during community.
CC 2346: Management of community property.
CC 2347: Alienation of community property; concurrence of other spouse.
CC 2348: Renunciation of right to concur.
CC 2349: Donation of community property; concurrence of other spouse.
CC 2350: Alienation of movable assets of business.
CC 2351: Alienation of registered movables.
CC 2352: Management and disposition of partnership and limited liability company interest
CC 2353: Unauthorized alienation of community property.
CC 2354: Liability for fraud or bad faith.
CC 2355: Judicial authorization to act without the consent of the other spouse
CC 2355.1: Judicial authorization to manage the community
CC 2356: Causes of termination
CC 2357: Satisfaction of obligation after termination of regime
CC 2358: Claims for reimbursement between spouses
CC 2358.1: Source of reimbursement
CC 2359: Obligations; community or separate.
CC 2360: Community obligation.
CC 2361: Obligations incurred during marriage; presumption.
CC 2362: Alimentary obligation.
CC 2362.1: Obligation incurred in an action for divorce
CC 2363: Separate obligation
CC 2364: Satisfaction of separate obligation with community property.
CC 2364.1: Seizure of community property
CC 2365: Satisfaction of community obligation with separate property
CC 2366: Use of community property for the benefit of separate property
CC 2367: Use of separate property for the benefit of community property
CC 2367.1: Improvements on separate property
CC 2367.2: Component parts of separate property
CC 2368: Increase of the value of separate property.
CC 2369: Accounting between spouses; prescription.
CC 2369.1: Application of co-ownership provisions
CC 2369.2: Ownership interest
CC 2369.3: Duty to preserve; standard of care
CC 2369.4: Alienation, encumbrance, or lease prohibited
CC 2369.5: Alienation of registered movables
CC 2369.6: Alienation, encumbrance, or lease of movable assets of former community enterprise
CC 2369.7: Court authorization to act alone
CC 2369.8: Right to partition; no exclusion by agreement; judicial partition
CC 2370: Separation of property regime.
CC 2371: Management of property.
CC 2372: Necessaries.
CC 2373: Expenses of the marriage.
CC 2374: Judgment of separation of property
CC 2375: Effect of judgment
CC 2376: Rights of creditors.
CC 2377: Arts. 2377 to 2431 Repealed by Acts 1978, No. 627, 6; Acts 1979, No. 709, 1
CC 2432: Right to marital portion.
CC 2433: Incident of marriage; charge on the succession.
CC 2434: Quantum
CC 2435: Deduction of legacy.
CC 2436: Nonheritable right; prescription.
CC 2437: Periodic allowance.
CC 2438: Rules of other titles
CC 2439: Definition
CC 2440: Sale of immovable, method of making
CC 2441: Reserved]
CC 2442: Recordation of sale of immovable to affect third parties
CC 2443: Purchase of a thing already owned
CC 2444: Sale of immovable by parents to children; disguised donation
CC 2445: Reserved]
CC 2446: Reserved]
CC 2447: Sale of litigious rights, prohibitions
CC 2448: Things that may be sold
CC 2449: Reserved]
CC 2450: Sale of future things
CC 2451: Sale of a hope
CC 2452: Sale of the thing of another
CC 2453: Sale of thing pending litigation of ownership
CC 2454: Reserved]
CC 2455: Reserved]
CC 2456: Transfer of ownership
CC 2457: Transfer of ownership; things not individualized
CC 2458: Sale by weight, tale or measure; lump sales
CC 2459: Reserved]
CC 2460: Sale on view or trial
CC 2461: Inclusion of accessories
CC 2462: Reserved]
CC 2463: Expenses
CC 2464: Price, essential elements
CC 2465: Price left to determination by third person
CC 2466: No price fixed by the parties
CC 2467: Transfer of risk
CC 2468: Reserved]
CC 2469: Reserved]
CC 2470: Reserved]
CC 2471: Reserved]
CC 2472: Reserved]
CC 2473: Reserved]
CC 2474: Construction of ambiguities respecting obligations of seller
CC 2475: Seller's obligations of delivery and warranty.
CC 2476: Reserved]
CC 2477: Methods of making delivery
CC 2478: Reserved]
CC 2479: Reserved]
CC 2480: Retention of possession by seller, presumption of simulation
CC 2481: Incorporeals, method of making delivery
CC 2482: Things not in possession of seller
CC 2483: Costs of delivery and of removal
CC 2484: Place of delivery
CC 2485: Buyer's rights upon default, damages
CC 2486: Reserved]
CC 2487: Delivery excused until payment of price and for insolvency
CC 2488: Reserved]
CC 2489: Condition of thing at time of delivery
CC 2490: Reserved]
CC 2491: Immovables, extent of delivery
CC 2492: Sale of immovables at a price per measure
CC 2493: Reserved]
CC 2494: Sale of immovable for lump price
CC 2495: Sale of a certain and limited body or of a distinct object for a lump price
CC 2496: Reserved]
CC 2497: Restitution of price and expenses in case of rescission
CC 2498: Prescription of actions for supplement or diminution of price or for dissolution
CC 2499: Reserved]
CC 2500: Eviction, definition, scope of warranty
CC 2501: Reserved]
CC 2502: Transfer of rights to a thing
CC 2503: Modification or exclusion of warranty, seller's liability for personal acts, restitution of price in case of eviction
CC 2504: Reserved]
CC 2505: Reserved]
CC 2506: Rights of buyer against seller in case of eviction
CC 2507: Restitution of full price despite deterioration, deduction of damage when benefit to buyer
CC 2508: Reserved]
CC 2509: Reimbursement to buyer for useful improvements, liability of seller in bad faith
CC 2510: Reserved]
CC 2511: Partial eviction, rights of buyer
CC 2512: Warranty against eviction from proceeds
CC 2513: Scope of warranty in sale of succession rights
CC 2514: Reserved]
CC 2515: Reserved]
CC 2516: Reserved]
CC 2517: Call in warranty, failure of buyer to call seller in warranty, suit to quiet possession
CC 2518: Reserved]
CC 2519: Reserved]
CC 2520: Warranty against redhibitory defects
CC 2521: Defects that are made known to the buyer or that are apparent
CC 2522: Notice of existence of defect
CC 2523: Reserved]
CC 2524: Thing fit for ordinary use
CC 2525: Reserved]
CC 2526: Reserved]
CC 2527: Reserved]
CC 2528: Reserved]
CC 2529: Thing not of the kind specified in the contract
CC 2530: Defect must exist before delivery
CC 2531: Liability of seller who knew not of the defect
CC 2532: Return of the thing; destruction of the thing
CC 2533: Reserved]
CC 2534: Prescription
CC 2535: Reserved]
CC 2536: Reserved]
CC 2537: Judicial sales
CC 2538: Multiple sellers, multiple buyers, successors
CC 2539: Reserved]
CC 2540: Redhibitory vice of one of several matched things sold together
CC 2541: Reduction of the price
CC 2542: Reserved]
CC 2543: Reserved]
CC 2544: Reserved]
CC 2545: Liability of seller who knows of the defect; presumption of knowledge
CC 2546: Reserved]
CC 2547: Reserved]
CC 2548: Exclusion or limitation of warranty; subrogation
CC 2549: Obligations of the buyer
CC 2550: Time and place of payment of price
CC 2551: Reserved]
CC 2552: Reserved]
CC 2553: Interest on price
CC 2554: Reserved]
CC 2555: Liability of the buyer who fails to take delivery
CC 2556: Reserved]
CC 2557: Eviction and threat of eviction as grounds for suspension of payment
CC 2558: Reserved]
CC 2559: Reserved]
CC 2560: Payment of the price before disturbance of possession
CC 2561: Dissolution of sale for nonpayment of price
CC 2562: Dissolution of sale of immovables for nonpayment of price; extension of time for payment
CC 2563: Payment of price after expiration of term but prior to default
CC 2564: Dissolution of sale of movables
CC 2565: Reserved]
CC 2566: Reserved]
CC 2567: Right of redemption, definition
CC 2568: Limitation on duration
CC 2569: Redemption, presumption of security
CC 2570: Effect of failure to exercise right within time stipulated
CC 2571: Application of time limit against all persons including minors
CC 2572: Redemption against second purchaser
CC 2573: Reserved]
CC 2574: Buyer's benefit of discussion against creditors of the seller
CC 2575: Ownership of fruits and products pending redemption
CC 2576: Reserved]
CC 2577: Ownership of improvements and augmentations pending redemption
CC 2578: Liability for deterioration at the time of redemption
CC 2579: Reserved]
CC 2580: Reserved]
CC 2581: Reserved]
CC 2582: Reserved]
CC 2583: Reserved]
CC 2584: Multiple successors, applicability of rules governing lesion
CC 2585: Reserved]
CC 2586: Reserved]
CC 2587: Reimbursement to buyer on redemption
CC 2588: Encumbrances created by buyer
CC 2589: Rescission for lesion beyond moiety
CC 2590: Time of valuation for determination of lesion
CC 2591: Option of buyer to supplement price
CC 2592: Lesion, return of fruits by buyer and payment of interest by seller
CC 2593: Reserved]
CC 2594: Lesion, action against vendee who has resold the immovable
CC 2595: Peremption of action for lesion
CC 2596: Lesion, action against vendee who has granted a right on the immovable
CC 2597: Condition in which property is returned to seller; reimbursement of buyer for improvements
CC 2598: Reserved]
CC 2599: Buyer's right of retention pending reimbursement
CC 2600: Divisibility of action in lesion among joint sellers and successors, joinder
CC 2601: Additional terms in acceptance of offer to sell a movable
CC 2602: Contract by conduct of the parties
CC 2603: Obligation to deliver conforming things
CC 2604: Buyer's right of inspection
CC 2605: Rejection of nonconforming things by the buyer
CC 2606: Buyer's acceptance of nonconforming things
CC 2607: Buyer may accept part of things delivered
CC 2608: Merchant buyer's duty upon rejection of things
CC 2609: Purchase of substitute things by the buyer
CC 2610: Cure of nonconformity
CC 2611: Resale by the seller
CC 2612: Deposit of the things by seller
CC 2613: Things in transit, ownership
CC 2614: Stoppage in transit
CC 2615: Judicial dissolution
CC 2616: Things in transit, risk of loss
CC 2617: Payment against documents
CC 2618: Reserved]
CC 2619: Reserved]
CC 2620: Option to buy or sell
CC 2621: Acceptance, when effective; option turns into contract to sell; rejection
CC 2622: Warranty of assignor
CC 2623: Bilateral promise of sale; contract to sell
CC 2624: Deposit, earnest money
CC 2625: Right of first refusal
CC 2626: Terms of offered sale
CC 2627: Right of first refusal, time for acceptance
CC 2628: Time limitation for option and right of first refusal
CC 2629: Effect against third persons
CC 2630: Indivisibility of right
CC 2631: Reserved]
CC 2632: Reserved]
CC 2633: Reserved]
CC 2634: Reserved]
CC 2635: Reserved]
CC 2636: Reserved]
CC 2637: Reserved]
CC 2638: Reserved]
CC 2639: Reserved]
CC 2640: Reserved]
CC 2641: Reserved]
CC 2642: Assignability of rights
CC 2643: Assignment effective from the time of knowledge or notice
CC 2644: Performance by debtor before knowledge of assignment
CC 2645: Accessories included in assignment of right
CC 2646: Warranty of existence of debt, solvency of debtor
CC 2647: Reserved]
CC 2648: Scope of warranty of debtor's solvency
CC 2649: Assignor's knowledge of the debtor's insolvency; effects
CC 2650: Warranty in assignment of succession rights
CC 2651: Reserved]
CC 2652: Sale of litigious rights
CC 2653: Assignability prohibited by contract; exceptions
CC 2654: Documents evidencing the right
CC 2655: Giving in payment, definition
CC 2656: Delivery essential to a giving in payment
CC 2657: Giving in partial payment
CC 2658: Reserved]
CC 2659: Application of general rules of sale
CC 2660: Exchange, definition.
CC 2661: Completion of contract by consent.
CC 2662: Rescission where one party not owner of thing exchanged.
CC 2663: Rights of party evicted by judgment.
CC 2664: Rescission for lesion.
CC 2665: Rescission for lesion where immovable exchanged for movable.
CC 2666: Rescission for lesion where balance paid in money or immovables.
CC 2667: Application of general rules of sale.
CC 2668: General and particular rules for lease
CC 2669: Lease or hire, definition.
CC 2670: Essential elements of lease.
CC 2671: Price, necessary and permissible elements.
CC 2672: Determination of price by third person.
CC 2673: Kinds of lease.
CC 2674: Lease of things.
CC 2675: Lease of labor or industry.
CC 2676: Kinds of lease of things.
CC 2677: Lessor and lessee, definitions.
CC 2678: Lease of corporeal things.
CC 2679: Lease of incorporeal things.
CC 2680: Lease of right of servitude.
CC 2681: Lease of thing belonging to another.
CC 2682: Warranty by lessor of property of another.
CC 2683: Form of lease, written or verbal.
CC 2683.1: Commission owed to third party; inclusion in written lease
CC 2684: Agreed duration of lease.
CC 2685: Presumed duration of lease of house, where no time specified.
CC 2686: Notice of termination when no agreement as to duration.
CC 2687: Presumed duration of lease of predial estate, where no time specified.
CC 2688: Reconduction of lease of predial estate by continued possession after expiration of term.
CC 2689: Reconduction of lease of house or room by continued possession after expiration of term.
CC 2690: Security of original lease inapplicable to reconduction.
CC 2691: Notice of termination as precluding reconduction.
CC 2692: Obligations arising from nature of contract.
CC 2693: Delivery and necessary repairs.
CC 2694: Lessee's right to make repairs upon lessor's failure.
CC 2695: Lessor's liability for damages from vices and defects.
CC 2696: Lessor's liability for eviction of lessee.
CC 2697: Total or partial destruction of thing during lease.
CC 2698: Alterations by lessor during lease prohibited.
CC 2699: Impairment of thing leased without fault of lessor.
CC 2700: Necessary repairs during lease.
CC 2701: Discrepancy in quantity of estate leased, diminution of rent
CC 2702: Payment of taxes and other charges.
CC 2703: Disturbance by third persons without right.
CC 2704: Disturbance by third persons pretending to have rights; call in warranty.
CC 2705: Lessor's privilege and pledge on movables of lessee, exemptions.
CC 2706: Lessor's privilege and pledge on movables of sublessee.
CC 2707: Movables belonging to third persons
CC 2708: Movables transiently or accidentally on premises.
CC 2709: Enforcement of privilege against lessee's effects after removal
CC 2710: Obligations of lessee arising from nature of contract.
CC 2711: Use of thing leased.
CC 2712: Eviction for nonpayment of rent
CC 2713: Notice and procedure for eviction.
CC 2714: Execution of eviction order.
CC 2715: Repairs to be made by lessee.
CC 2716: Repairs at expense of lessee.
CC 2717: Repairs caused by decay or unforeseen events.
CC 2718: Cleaning of wells and necessaries.
CC 2719: Return of things leased under inventory.
CC 2720: Return of things leased without inventory.
CC 2721: Lessee's liability for damages through fault.
CC 2722: Lessee's liability for waste.
CC 2723: Lessee's liability for loss by fire.
CC 2724: Predial lessee's duty to prevent encroachments.
CC 2725: Lessee's right to sublease.
CC 2726: Improvements and additions made by lessee
CC 2727: Expiration of stipulated time.
CC 2728: Loss of thing leased.
CC 2729: Failure of parties to fulfill obligations.
CC 2730: Termination of lease made by a usufructuary.
CC 2731: Death of parties not cause for dissolution.
CC 2732: Occupation of premises by lessor.
CC 2733: Sale of thing leased, effect.
CC 2734: Rights of lessee upon occupation by lessor.
CC 2735: Lessee's right to indemnity upon sale of thing leased.
CC 2736: Indemnity upon eviction from house or shop.
CC 2737: Indemnity upon eviction from predial estate.
CC 2738: Appraisal of damages by experts in special cases.
CC 2739: Notice to vacate given to lessee by purchaser of property.
CC 2740: Payment of indemnity prior to eviction.
CC 2741: Verbal lease, no indemnity from purchaser.
CC 2742: Sale of leased property with right of redemption, restriction on purchaser's right to evict lessee.
CC 2743: Abatement of rent for unforeseen loss of crops.
CC 2744: Abatement of rent for unforeseen loss of gathered crop.
CC 2745: Kinds of lease of services or labor.
CC 2746: Limited duration of contract.
CC 2747: Contract of servant terminable at will of parties.
CC 2748: Contract of farm or factory laborer, restrictions on termination.
CC 2749: Liability for dismissal of laborer without cause.
CC 2750: Liability of laborer leaving employment without cause.
CC 2751: Obligations of carriers and watermen
CC 2752: Liability for things delivered for shipment.
CC 2753: Birth of child during sea voyage.
CC 2754: Liability for loss or damage.
CC 2755: Master's and crew's privilege on vessel for payment of wages.
CC 2756: Building by plot and work by job, definitions.
CC 2757: Agreement to furnish work or materials or both.
CC 2758: Destruction of work before delivery, liability of contractor furnishing materials.
CC 2759: Destruction of work before delivery, liability of contractor furnishing work only.
CC 2760: Destruction of work before delivery, contractor's right to payment of salary.
CC 2761: Delivery of work in separate parts.
CC 2762: Liability of contractor for damages due to badness of workmanship.
CC 2763: Changes or extensions of original plans, effect.
CC 2764: Substantial and necessary alterations.
CC 2765: Cancellation of contract by owner.
CC 2766: Termination of contract by death of workman.
CC 2767: Payment to heirs of contractor for work or materials completed.
CC 2768: Contractor's liability for acts of employees.
CC 2769: Contractor's liability for non-compliance with contract.
CC 2770: Workmen employed by contractor, rights against owner.
CC 2771: Masons, carpenters and other artificers as contractors.
CC 2772: Privilege of contractors, laborers and materialmen; settlement of accounts.
CC 2773: Rights of workmen and materialmen against contractor and owner.
CC 2774: Anticipated payments by owner to contractor, effect on rights of laborers and materialmen.
CC 2775: Contract exceeding $500, recordation essential for privilege.
CC 2776: Contract under $500, recordation of statement essential for privilege.
CC 2777: Privilege of workmen on ships and boats.
CC 2778: Rent of land and rent of money.
CC 2779: Rent of lands, definition.
CC 2780: Perpetual duration essential; lease distinguished.
CC 2781: Sale and rent distinguished.
CC 2782: Elements of sale and lease in rent contract.
CC 2783: Applicability of rules of sale.
CC 2784: Preservation of property by purchaser under reservation of rent.
CC 2785: Total or partial destruction of property, rights and obligations of parties.
CC 2786: Perpetual nature of rent charge.
CC 2787: Rent as charge on the property.
CC 2788: Redeemable nature of contract.
CC 2789: Price of redemption when valued in contract.
CC 2790: Determination of price in absence of valuation.
CC 2791: Mortgage on property for payment of rent.
CC 2792: Mortgageability of rent charge.
CC 2793: Annuity, definition.
CC 2794: Perpetual or life annuities.
CC 2795: Limitation on rate of interest.
CC 2796: Redeemable nature of contract.
CC 2797: Compulsory redemption against debtor.
CC 2798: Insolvency of debtor, effect.
CC 2799: Right of debtor's surety to compel redemption.
CC 2800: Interest on sums lent and on arrears of annuity.
CC 2801: Partnership; definition.
CC 2802: Applicability of rules of conventional obligations.
CC 2803: Participation of partners.
CC 2804: Participation in one category only.
CC 2805: Name of the partnership.
CC 2806: The ownership of immovable property.
CC 2807: Decisions affecting the partnership.
CC 2808: Obligation of a partner to contribute.
CC 2809: Fiduciary duty; activities prejudicial to the partnership.
CC 2810: Other rights not prejudiced.
CC 2811: Partner as creditor of the partnership.
CC 2812: The sharing of a partner's interest with a third person.
CC 2813: The right of a partner to obtain information.
CC 2814: Partner as mandatary of the partnership
CC 2815: Effect of loss stipulation on third persons.
CC 2816: Contract by partner in his own name; effect on the partnership.
CC 2817: Partnership debts; liability.
CC 2818: Causes of cessation of membership.
CC 2819: Seizure of the interest of a partner.
CC 2820: Expulsion of a partner for just cause.
CC 2821: Partnership constituted for term; withdrawal.
CC 2822: Partnership without term; withdrawal.
CC 2823: Rights of a partner after withdrawal.
CC 2824: Payment of interest of partner.
CC 2825: Judicial determination of amount.
CC 2826: Termination of a partnership; causes
CC 2827: Continuation of a partnership.
CC 2828: Continuation for liquidation; sole proprietorship.
CC 2829: Change in number or identity of partners.
CC 2830: Effects of termination; authority of partners.
CC 2831: Termination of the partnership; rights of third parties.
CC 2832: Creditors of the partnership; preference.
CC 2833: Division of the partnership assets.
CC 2834: Liquidation of the partnership.
CC 2835: Final liquidation.
CC 2836: Provisions applicable to partnerships in commendam.
CC 2837: Partnership in commendam; definition.
CC 2838: Name; designation as partnership in commendam.
CC 2839: Name of partner in commendam; use
CC 2840: Partner in commendam; liability; agreed contribution.
CC 2841: Contract form; registry.
CC 2842: Restrictions on the right of a partner in commendam to receive contributions.
CC 2843: Restrictions on the partner in commendam with regard to management or administration of the partnership.
CC 2844: Liability of the partner in commendam to third parties
CC 2845: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 847, 5, eff. June 27, 1995.
CC 2846: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 847, 5, eff. June 27, 1995.
CC 2847: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 847, 5, eff. June 27, 1995.
CC 2848: Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 847, 5, eff. June 27, 1995.
CC 2891: Loan for use and loan for consumption.
CC 2892: Gratuitous loan and loan on interest.
CC 2893: Loan for use, definition.
CC 2894: Gratuitous nature of loan.
CC 2895: Ownership of thing lent.
CC 2896: Things which may be lent.
CC 2897: Heritability of contract obligations.
CC 2898: Preservation and limited use.
CC 2899: Unauthorized use.
CC 2900: Loss by chance.
CC 2901: Valuation of thing at time of loan.
CC 2902: Ordinary wear and tear.
CC 2903: Return of thing borrowed; compensation prohibited.
CC 2904: Expenses incurred in use of thing.
CC 2905: Liability of joint borrowers.
CC 2906: Inability to retake before conclusion of use or expiration of time.
CC 2907: Reclamation by lender in case of urgent need.
CC 2908: Reimbursement of borrower for expenses of preservation.
CC 2909: Lender's liability for damages caused by defects of thing.
CC 2910: Loan for consumption, definition.
CC 2911: Ownership of thing lent.
CC 2912: Things which may be lent.
CC 2913: Loan of money.
CC 2914: Loan made in bullion.
CC 2915: Loan of provisions.
CC 2916: Liability of lender for vices of thing.
CC 2917: Inability to reclaim until stipulated time or judicial order.
CC 2918: Loan exigible at will.
CC 2919: Loan returnable at borrower's convenience or ability.
CC 2920: Restoration, substance and place.
CC 2921: Payment of value when restitution impossible.
CC 2922: Payment of interest in case of default.
CC 2923: Legality of interest.
CC 2924: Rates of legal and conventional interest; usury
CC 2925: Payment of interest presumed in release of principal.
CC 2926: Deposit, definition.
CC 2927: Kinds of deposit.
CC 2928: Movable object.
CC 2929: Gratuitous contract.
CC 2930: Delivery, real or fictitious.
CC 2931: Voluntary or necessary deposit.
CC 2932: Completion by consent of parties.
CC 2933: Express or implied consent.
CC 2934: Deposit without owner's consent.
CC 2935: Incapacity of depositor, liability of depositary.
CC 2936: Incapacity of depositary, rights of depositor.
CC 2937: Degree of care required of depositary.
CC 2938: Enforcement of obligation as to care of thing.
CC 2939: Depositary's liability for accidents.
CC 2940: Use of thing deposited.
CC 2941: Use of consumable things; loan for consumption.
CC 2942: Use of animals.
CC 2943: Deposit in closed box or sealed cover, opening prohibited.
CC 2944: Restoration of precise object.
CC 2945: Condition of thing at time of restoration.
CC 2946: Restoration of price of things taken by force.
CC 2947: Liability of heir of depositary after bona fide sale of thing deposited.
CC 2948: Restoration of proceeds of deposit; interest.
CC 2949: Person to whom deposit may be restored.
CC 2950: Obligation as to restoration of stolen thing.
CC 2951: Restoration in case of depositor's death or interdiction.
CC 2952: Restoration of deposit made by administrators.
CC 2953: Designated place and cost of delivery.
CC 2954: Place of restoration in absence of stipulations.
CC 2955: Time of restoration.
CC 2956: Retention of deposit by depositary.
CC 2957: Several depositaries, obligation of restoration.
CC 2958: Unfaithful depositary.
CC 2959: Depositary's ownership of thing deposited, effect.
CC 2960: Indemnity to depositary.
CC 2961: Depositor's right of reclamation.
CC 2962: Sale of deposit, depositor's right of preference for unpaid price.
CC 2963: Distinction between perfect and imperfect deposit abolished; real deposit defined.
CC 2964: Necessary deposit, definition; sufficiency of proof.
CC 2965: Necessary deposit with innkeeper.
CC 2966: Innkeeper's responsibility for traveler's effects.
CC 2967: Innkeeper's liability for effects damaged or stolen.
CC 2968: Innkeeper's safe for deposit of valuables.
CC 2969: Loss of valuables not deposited in safe.
CC 2970: Loss through theft by violence.
CC 2971: Limitation on liability of landlords and innkeepers
CC 2972: Kinds of sequestration.
CC 2973: Conventional sequestration, definition.
CC 2974: Remunerated sequestration.
CC 2975: Gratuitous sequestration.
CC 2976: Movables and immovables.
CC 2977: Restoration in accordance with judgment of suit.
CC 2978: Renunciation by sequestrator.
CC 2979: Judicial sequestration, definition.
CC 2980: Obligations of guardian and of seizing creditor.
CC 2981: Judicial sequestrator.
CC 2982: Aleatory contract, definition.
CC 2983: Actions for payment of gaming debts and bets.
CC 2984: Actions for recovery of payments made on gaming debts and bets.
CC 2985: Representation
CC 2986: The authority of the representative
CC 2987: Procuration defined; person to whom addressed
CC 2988: Applicability of the rules of mandate
CC 2989: Mandate defined
CC 2990: Applicability of the rules governing obligations
CC 2991: Interest served
CC 2992: Onerous or gratuitous contract
CC 2993: Form
CC 2994: General authority
CC 2995: Incidental, necessary, or professional acts
CC 2996: Authority to alienate, acquire, encumber, or lease
CC 2997: Express authority required
CC 2998: Contracting with one's self
CC 2999: Person of limited capacity

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