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Louisiana Civil Code

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CC 3000: Mandatary of both parties
CC 3001: Mandatary's duty of performance; standard of care
CC 3002: Gratuitous mandate; liability of a mandatary
CC 3003: Obligation to provide information
CC 3004: Obligation to deliver; right of retention
CC 3005: Interest on money used by mandatary
CC 3006: Fulfillment of the mandate by the mandatary
CC 3007: Mandatary's liability for acts of the substitute
CC 3008: Liability for acts beyond authority; ratification
CC 3009: Liability of multiple mandataries
CC 3010: Performance of obligations contracted by the mandatary
CC 3011: Advantageous performance despite divergence from authority
CC 3012: Reimbursement of expenses and remuneration
CC 3013: Compensation for loss sustained by the mandatary
CC 3014: Interest on sums expended by the mandatary
CC 3015: Liability of several principals
CC 3016: Disclosed mandate and principal
CC 3017: Undisclosed mandate
CC 3018: Disclosed mandate; undisclosed principal
CC 3019: Liability when authority is exceeded
CC 3020: Obligations of the principal to third persons
CC 3021: Putative mandatary
CC 3022: Disclosed mandate or principal; third person bound
CC 3023: Undisclosed mandate or principal; obligations of third person
CC 3024: Termination of the mandate and of the mandatary's authority
CC 3025: Termination by principal
CC 3026: Incapacity of the principal
CC 3027: Reliance on public records
CC 3028: Rights of third persons without notice of revocation
CC 3029: Termination by the mandatary
CC 3030: Acts of the mandatary after principal's death
CC 3031: Contracts made after termination of the mandate or the mandatary's authority
CC 3032: Obligation to account
CC 3033: Rights of third persons acquired after death of principal.
CC 3034: Death of mandatary, heir's duties.
CC 3035: Definition of suretyship
CC 3036: Obligations for which suretyship may be established
CC 3037: Surety ostensibly bound as a principal with another; effect of knowledge of the creditor
CC 3038: Formal requirements of suretyship
CC 3039: Suretyship requires no formal acceptance
CC 3040: Rules may be varied
CC 3041: Kinds of suretyship
CC 3042: Commercial suretyship
CC 3043: Legal suretyship
CC 3044: Ordinary suretyship; interpretation
CC 3045: Liability of sureties to creditor; division and discussion abolished
CC 3046: Defenses available to surety
CC 3047: Rights of the surety
CC 3048: Surety's right of subrogation
CC 3049: Surety's right of reimbursement for payment of obligation
CC 3050: Surety's right of reimbursement for payment of obligation not owed
CC 3051: Payment by debtor without notice of payment by surety
CC 3052: Limitation on right of surety to recover what he paid creditor
CC 3053: Surety's right to require security
CC 3054: Failure to provide security
CC 3055: Liability among co-sureties
CC 3056: Right of contribution among co-sureties
CC 3057: Limitation upon right of contribution
CC 3058: Extinction of the suretyship
CC 3059: Extinction of principal obligation
CC 3060: Prescription of the surety's obligation, right of reimbursement, and contribution
CC 3061: Termination of suretyship
CC 3062: Effect of modifications of principal obligation
CC 3063: Commercial suretyship rules apply to legal suretyship
CC 3064: Supplementary nature of this Chapter
CC 3065: Qualifications of legal surety; evidenced by affidavit; lack thereof not a defense
CC 3066: Legal suretyship to conform to law
CC 3067: Permissible variations
CC 3068: Pledge of funds in lieu of suretyship
CC 3069: Necessity for judgment against legal surety
CC 3070: Right to demand new security
CC 3071: Transaction or compromise, definition.
CC 3072: Capacity of parties; authority of tutors or curators.
CC 3073: Scope of transaction.
CC 3074: Rights acquired after transaction unaffected.
CC 3075: Stipulation of penalty for non-performance
CC 3076: Effect of transaction with surety or with debtor.
CC 3077: Transaction by one of interested parties, effect as to others.
CC 3078: Res judicata; error; lesion.
CC 3079: Rescission for error, fraud or violence.
CC 3080: Rescission of transaction based on void title.
CC 3081: Nullity of transaction based on false documents.
CC 3082: Nullity of transaction concerning rights already adjudicated.
CC 3083: General compromise of all differences.
CC 3084: Respite, definition.
CC 3085: Voluntary and forced respite.
CC 3086: Forced respite at instance of majority of creditors.
CC 3087: Procedure to obtain forced respite.
CC 3088: Representation of absent creditors.
CC 3089: Attendance at creditors' meeting.
CC 3090: Creditors' meeting, adjournment and maximum duration.
CC 3091: Homologation of respite agreement.
CC 3092: Opposition to homologation.
CC 3093: Effect of respite on property of debtor; rights of non-assenting creditors.
CC 3094: Remission of debts by some creditors, effect as to others.
CC 3095: Creditors not required to participate in respite or remission.
CC 3096: Duration of respite.
CC 3097: Respite after claims for cession not permitted.
CC 3098: Cession of property on refusal of respite.
CC 3099: Submission to arbitrate.
CC 3100: Writing necessary.
CC 3101: Capacity of parties; authority of mandataries, tutors and curators.
CC 3102: Scope of submission.
CC 3103: Arbitration of damages incurred by public offense.
CC 3104: Power of arbitrators.
CC 3105: Duration of power of arbitrators; prescription
CC 3106: Penal clauses in submission.
CC 3107: Capacity of arbitrators.
CC 3108: Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 709, 2.
CC 3109: Arbitrators and amicable compounders.
CC 3110: Powers of arbitrators and amicable compounders.
CC 3111: Oath of arbitrators.
CC 3112: Presentation and proof of claims by parties.
CC 3113: Time, place and notice of hearing.
CC 3114: Attendance of parties and witnesses.
CC 3115: Attendance and swearing in of witnesses.
CC 3116: Disagreement among arbitrators; umpire.
CC 3117: Nomination of umpire.
CC 3118: Appointment of umpire.
CC 3119: Oath of umpire.
CC 3120: Time for decision of arbitrators.
CC 3121: Arbitrators acting in excess of power, effect.
CC 3122: Scope of arbitrators' authority.
CC 3123: Award null after time limit.
CC 3124: Extension of time for making award.
CC 3125: Award made prior to time specified for examination.
CC 3126: Participation in proceedings; signature of award.
CC 3127: Amount of award.
CC 3128: Interest and costs
CC 3129: Approval of award by judge.
CC 3130: Appeal from award; prepayment and repayment of penalty.
CC 3131: Retraction or change of award prohibited.
CC 3132: Termination of arbitration.
CC 3133: Pledge, definition.
CC 3133.1: Relation to Chapter 9 of the Louisiana Commercial Laws
CC 3134: Kinds of pledge.
CC 3135: Pawn and antichresis distinguished.
CC 3136: Obligations enforceable by pledge.
CC 3137: Conditional obligation as basis for pledge.
CC 3138: Effect of nullity of principal obligation.
CC 3139: Natural obligation as basis for pledge.
CC 3140: Object of principal obligation.
CC 3141: Pledge for debt of another.
CC 3142: Things susceptible of being pledged.
CC 3143: Pledgor's rights at date of pledge.
CC 3144: Subsequent acquisition of ownership of thing pledged.
CC 3145: Pledge of property of another, necessity for consent of owner.
CC 3146: Implied consent of owner.
CC 3147: Binding effect of pledge of thing of another.
CC 3148: Pledge by fiduciaries, authorization required.
CC 3149: Pledge by mandatary, authorization.
CC 3150: Pledges by cities and other corporations.
CC 3151: Repealed by Acts 1980, No. 150, 3, eff. Jan. 1, 1981.
CC 3152: Delivery and possession of thing pledged.
CC 3153: Delivery of incorporeal rights.
CC 3154: Things subject to pawn.
CC 3155: Incorporeal movables.
CC 3156: Claims against other persons.
CC 3157: Privilege and preference of pledge creditor.
CC 3158: Formalities and contents of pledge; requirements for pledge of promissory notes and other written obligations
CC 3159: Acts of pledge in favor of banks.
CC 3160: Repealed by Acts 1988, No. 243, 2.
CC 3161: Repealed by Acts 1900, No. 157, 4.
CC 3162: Delivery to creditor or to third person.
CC 3163: Partial payment of debt secured by pledge of several things.
CC 3164: Right of retention until payment of debt.
CC 3165: Rights of pledgee on default of debtor; procedure.
CC 3166: Ownership of thing pledged.
CC 3167: Pledgee's liability for loss or decay of thing pledged; reimbursement of expenses of preservation
CC 3168: Ownership of fruits of thing pledged.
CC 3169: Imputation of interest earned by credit pledged.
CC 3170: Pledgee's right to enforce payment of credit pledged; imputation of proceeds.
CC 3171: Indivisibility of pawn as to heirs of debtor and creditor.
CC 3172: Surplus or deficiency after sale.
CC 3173: Debtor taking pledge without creditor's consent.
CC 3174: Rights of creditor deceived as to pledge.
CC 3175: Acquisitive prescription of pledge impossible.
CC 3176: Necessity for written instrument; rights acquired by creditor.
CC 3177: Taxes, annual charges and repairs.
CC 3178: Reclamation of property by debtor; return by creditor.
CC 3179: Ownership of property pledged; rights of creditor upon default of debtor.
CC 3180: Agreement that fruits or revenues be compensated with interest.
CC 3181: Rights of third persons on immovable pledged not affected.
CC 3182: Debtor's general liability.
CC 3183: Debtor's property common pledge of creditors; exceptions to pro rata distribution.
CC 3184: Lawful causes of preference.
CC 3185: Privileges established only by law, stricti juris.
CC 3186: Privilege, definition.
CC 3187: Basis of preferences among privileges.
CC 3188: Concurrent privileges.
CC 3189: Property affected by privileges.
CC 3190: General or special privileges on movables.
CC 3191: General privileges on all movables, enumeration and ranking.
CC 3192: Funeral charges, definition.
CC 3193: Reduction of funeral charges of insolvent decedent.
CC 3194: Limitation in event of reduction.
CC 3195: Law charges, definition.
CC 3196: Costs which enjoy privilege.
CC 3197: Costs for the general benefit of creditors.
CC 3198: Costs not taxed in suit.
CC 3199: Last sickness, definition.
CC 3200: Chronic sickness.
CC 3201: Maximum period of privileged expenses.
CC 3202: List of expenses privileged.
CC 3203: Amount due for expenses, fixed by contract or by judge.
CC 3204: Last sickness of debtor's children.
CC 3205: Servants, definition.
CC 3206: Prescription of action; extent of privilege.
CC 3207: Wages recoverable but not privileged.
CC 3208: Supplies furnished by retail dealers.
CC 3209: Prescription of action; extent of privilege.
CC 3210: Wholesale dealers.
CC 3211: Innkeepers and masters of boarding houses.
CC 3212: Teachers and preceptors.
CC 3213: Extent of privilege for supplies.
CC 3214: Clerks and secretaries, extent and rank of privilege for salaries.
CC 3215: Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 709, 2.
CC 3216: Special privileges on movables.
CC 3217: List of special privileges on particular movables.
CC 3218: Lessor's privilege, nature and extent.
CC 3219: Method of enforcement of lessor's privilege.
CC 3220: Privilege of pledgee.
CC 3221: Enforcement of pledge
CC 3222: Privilege of depositor on thing deposited.
CC 3223: Depositor's privilege on price in case of sale.
CC 3224: Preservation of property of another.
CC 3225: Rights of pledge and retention against owner.
CC 3226: Right of preference against creditors.
CC 3227: Vendor's privilege on movables; agricultural products of the United States.
CC 3228: Loss of privilege by sale with other property of purchaser.
CC 3229: Vendor's claim for restitution.
CC 3230: Restitution dependent on identification.
CC 3231: Restitution of things easily recognized.
CC 3232: Innkeepers, definition.
CC 3233: Innkeepers' rights on property of guests.
CC 3234: Property covered by innkeepers' privilege.
CC 3235: Travelers, definition.
CC 3236: Sale or donation of unclaimed and unredeemed property, procedure.
CC 3237: Privileges on ships and vessels, enumeration and ranking; prescription.
CC 3238: Proportionate payment to creditors of same rank.
CC 3239: Right of pursuit after sale of ship.
CC 3240: Privilege on price of adjudication in case of forced sale.
CC 3241: Voluntary sale, distinction between sale in port or on voyage.
CC 3242: Voluntary sale of ship in port, rights of privileged creditors.
CC 3243: Loss of privilege after voyage in name of purchaser.
CC 3244: Voluntary sale of ship while on voyage, rights of privileged creditors.
CC 3245: Voyage, definition.
CC 3246: Captain's privilege on cargo for freight charges.
CC 3247: Privilege of consignee or agent on merchandise consigned.
CC 3248: Rights of consignor on insolvency of consignee or agent.
CC 3249: Special privileges on immovables.
CC 3250: Extent of vendor's privilege.
CC 3251: Successive sales, preference among vendors
CC 3252: General privileges on both movables and immovables.
CC 3253: Order of payment of privileges; debtor's movables taken before immovables.
CC 3254: Special privileges prime general privileges on movables; ranking among general privileges when movables sufficient.
CC 3255: Order of payment when available movables insufficient.
CC 3256: Lessor's privilege primed by costs of sale.
CC 3257: Lessor's privilege primed by funeral charges.
CC 3258: Lessor's privilege primes other general privileges.
CC 3259: Lessor's privilege on crops primed by supplies and labor.
CC 3260: Ranking between privileges of lessor and depositor.
CC 3261: Depositor's privilege and other privileges.
CC 3262: Privilege for expenses of preservation and other privileges.
CC 3263: Vendor's privilege and other privileges.
CC 3264: Privilege of innkeepers.
CC 3265: Privilege of carriers.
CC 3266: Immovables liable when movables insufficient.
CC 3267: Special privileges on immovables and other privileges.
CC 3268: Vendor's privilege on land and workmen's privilege on buildings.
CC 3269: Order of payment out of immovables; distribution of loss among mortgage creditors.
CC 3270: Effect of priorities among privileges.
CC 3271: Vendor's privilege on immovables, recordation.
CC 3272: Privileges of contractors, mechanics and materialmen; recordation and ranking.
CC 3273: Recordation, effect against third persons.
CC 3274: Time and place of recordation; effectiveness.
CC 3275: Inclusion of date of birth of parties
CC 3276: Priority of claims against succession arising after death.
CC 3277: Methods of extinction.
CC 3278: Mortgage defined
CC 3279: Rights created by mortgage
CC 3280: Mortgage is an indivisible real right
CC 3281: Mortgage established only in authorized cases
CC 3282: Accessory nature
CC 3283: Kinds of mortgages
CC 3284: Conventional, legal, and judicial mortgages
CC 3285: General and special mortgages distinguished
CC 3286: Property susceptible of mortgage
CC 3287: Conventional mortgage
CC 3288: Requirements of contract of mortgage
CC 3289: Acceptance
CC 3290: Power to mortgage
CC 3291: Presumption that things are subject to conventional mortgage
CC 3292: Mortgage of future property permitted in certain cases
CC 3293: Obligations for which mortgage may be established
CC 3294: Mortgage securing obligation that is not for the payment of money
CC 3295: Mortgage securing another's obligation
CC 3296: Right of mortgagor to raise defenses
CC 3297: Restrictions upon recourse of mortgagee
CC 3298: Mortgage may secure future obligations
CC 3299: Judicial and legal mortgages
CC 3300: Creation of judicial mortgage
CC 3301: Creation of legal mortgage
CC 3302: Property burdened by judicial and legal mortgages
CC 3303: Nature of judicial and legal mortgages
CC 3304: Judgment; suspensive appeal
CC 3305: Judgments of other jurisdictions
CC 3306: Judgment against person deceased
CC 3307: The effect and rank of mortgages
CC 3308: Effect against third persons
CC 3309: Third persons defined
CC 3310: Witness is not a party
CC 3311: Mortgage securing several obligations
CC 3312: Transfer of the secured obligation
CC 3313: Transfer does not imply subordination
CC 3314:
CC 3315: Third possessor defined
CC 3316: Liability of third possessor
CC 3317: Rights of third possessor
CC 3318: Right of third possessor for costs of improvements
CC 3319: Methods of extinction
CC 3320: Recordation; limits of effectiveness
CC 3321: Effect of recordation
CC 3322: Recordation of acts filed in other parishes
CC 3323: Mortgage or privilege affecting property in several parishes
CC 3324: Manner of filing; certified copies of instruments
CC 3325: Paraph of notes or written obligations secured by a mortgage, privilege, or other encumbrance
CC 3326: Effect of mortgage filed after death of mortgagor
CC 3327: Certificate of encumbrances to be issued by recorder
CC 3328: Duration of inscription; general rule
CC 3329: Duration of inscription of certain mortgages and vendor's privileges
CC 3330: Duration of inscription of judicial mortgage
CC 3331: Duration of inscription of mortgage given by tutor, curator and succession representative
CC 3332: Effect of amendment to act of mortgage and sale
CC 3333: Method of reinscription
CC 3334: Effect of timely filed notice of reinscription
CC 3335:
CC 3336: Method of reinscription exclusive
CC 3337: Cancellation or erasure of mortgages and privileges from the records
CC 3338: Arts. 3338 to 3340 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 709, 2
CC 3341: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3342: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3343: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3344: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3345: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3346: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3347: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3348: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3349: Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 709, 2.
CC 3350: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3351: Arts. 3351, 3352 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2
CC 3353: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3354: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3355: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3356: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3357: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3358: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3359: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3360: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3361: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3362: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3363: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3364: Repealed by Acts 1978, No. 651, 3.
CC 3365: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3366: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3367: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3368: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3369: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3370: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3397: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3398: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3399: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3400: Arts 3400 to 3404 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 3405: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3406: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3407: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3408: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3409: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3410: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3411: Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 1132, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3412: Occupancy
CC 3413: Wild animals, birds, fish, and shellfish
CC 3414: Loss of ownership of wildlife
CC 3415: Wildlife in enclosures
CC 3416: Tamed wild animals
CC 3417: Domestic animals
CC 3418: Abandoned things
CC 3419: Lost things
CC 3420: Treasure
CC 3421: Possession
CC 3422: Nature of possession; right to possess
CC 3423: Rights of possessors
CC 3424: Acquisition of possession
CC 3425: Corporeal possession
CC 3426: Constructive possession
CC 3427: Presumption of intent to own the thing
CC 3428: Acquisition of possession through another
CC 3429: Exercise of possession by another
CC 3430: Juridical persons
CC 3431: Retention of possession; civil possession
CC 3432: Presumption of retention of possession
CC 3433: Loss of possession
CC 3434: Loss of the right to possess
CC 3435: Vices of possession
CC 3436: Violent, clandestine, discontinuous, and equivocal possession
CC 3437: Precarious possession
CC 3438: Presumption of precariousness
CC 3439: Termination of precarious possession
CC 3440: Protection of precarious possession
CC 3441: Transfer of possession
CC 3442: Tacking of possession
CC 3443: Presumption of continuity of possession
CC 3444: Possessory action
CC 3445: Kinds of prescription
CC 3446: Acquisitive prescription
CC 3447: Liberative prescription
CC 3448: Prescription of nonuse
CC 3449: Renunciation of prescription
CC 3450: Express or tacit renunciation
CC 3451: Capacity to renounce
CC 3452: Necessity for pleading prescription
CC 3453: Rights of creditors and other interested parties
CC 3454: Computation of time
CC 3455: Computation of time by months
CC 3456: Computation of time by years
CC 3457: Prescription established by legislation only
CC 3458: Peremption; effect
CC 3459: Application of rules of prescription
CC 3460: Peremption need not be pleaded
CC 3461: Renunciation, interruption, or suspension ineffective
CC 3462: Interruption by filing of suit or by service of process
CC 3463: Duration of interruption; abandonment or discontinuance of suit
CC 3464: Interruption by acknowledgment
CC 3465: Interruption of acquisitive prescription
CC 3466: Effect of interruption
CC 3467: Persons against whom prescription runs
CC 3468: Incompetents
CC 3469: Suspension of prescription
CC 3470: Prescription during delays for inventory; vacant succession
CC 3471: Limits of contractual freedom
CC 3472: Effect of suspension
CC 3473: Prescription of ten years
CC 3474: Incompetents
CC 3475: Requisites
CC 3476: Attributes of possession
CC 3477: Precarious possessor; inability to prescribe
CC 3478: Termination of precarious possession; commencement of prescription
CC 3479: Particular successor of precarious possessor
CC 3480: Good faith
CC 3481: Presumption of good faith
CC 3482: Good faith at commencement of prescription
CC 3483: Just title
CC 3484: Transfer of undivided part of an immovable
CC 3485: Things susceptible of prescription
CC 3486: Immovables; prescription of thirty years
CC 3487: Restriction as to extent of possession
CC 3488: Applicability of rules governing prescription of ten years
CC 3489: Movables; acquisitive prescription
CC 3490: Prescription of three years
CC 3491: Prescription of ten years
CC 3492: Delictual actions
CC 3493: Damage to immovable property; commencement and accrual of prescription
CC 3493.10: Delictual actions; two-year prescription; criminal act
CC 3494: Actions subject to a three-year prescription
CC 3495: Commencement and accrual of prescription
CC 3496: Action against attorney for return of papers
CC 3496.1: Action against a person for abuse of a minor
CC 3497: Actions subject to a five year prescription
CC 3497.1: Actions for arrearages of spousal support or of installment payments for contributions made to a spouse's education or training
CC 3498: Actions on negotiable and nonnegotiable instruments
CC 3499: Personal action
CC 3500: Action against contractors and architects
CC 3501: Prescription and revival of money judgments
CC 3501.1: Actions for arrearages of child support
CC 3502: Action for the recognition of a right of inheritance
CC 3503: Solidary obligors
CC 3504: Surety
CC 3505: Repealed by Acts 1982, No. 187, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1983
CC 3506: General definitions of terms
CC 3507: Arts. 3507 to 3514 Repealed by Acts 1982, No. 187, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1983
CC 3515: Determination of the applicable law; general and residual rule
CC 3516: Meaning of State
CC 3517: Renvoi
CC 3518: Domicile
CC 3519: Status of natural persons; general principle
CC 3520: Marriage
CC 3521: Divorce or separation
CC 3522: Effects and incidents of marriage and of divorce
CC 3523: Movables
CC 3524: Immovables situated in this state
CC 3525: Termination of community; immovables in another state acquired by a spouse while domiciled in this state
CC 3526: Termination of community; movables and Louisiana immovables acquired by a spouse while domiciled in another state
CC 3527: Louisiana immovables acquired by a spouse while domiciled in another state; death of the acquiring spouse while domiciled in another state
CC 3528: Formal validity of testamentary dispositions
CC 3529: Capacity and vices of consent
CC 3530: Capacity of heir or legatee
CC 3531: Interpretation of testaments
CC 3532: Movables
CC 3533: Immovables situated in this state
CC 3534: Immovables situated in another state
CC 3535: Real rights in immovables
CC 3536: Real rights in corporeal movables
CC 3537: General rule
CC 3538: Form
CC 3539: Capacity
CC 3540: Party autonomy
CC 3541: Other juridical acts and quasi-contractual obligations
CC 3542: General rule
CC 3543: Issues of conduct and safety
CC 3544: Issues of loss distribution and financial protection
CC 3545: Products liability
CC 3546: Punitive damages
CC 3547: Exceptional cases
CC 3548: Domicile of juridical persons
CC 3549: Law governing liberative prescription
CC 3550: Arts. 3550 to 3555 Repealed by Acts 1983, No. 173, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1984.
CC 3556: [Blank]

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