FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions FAQ

  • What cases do you have online?

    We have all the US Supreme Court decisions published since volume 150 of the US Reports. The years of these decisions are from 1893 to the present time.
  • Will this service remain free?

  • What is the file format of the cases?

    The cases are in html format.
    The formatting includes indentation, and the US Report page markers (breaks).
    The formatting does not include italics or underlines.
  • Has any additional markup been done to the case documents?

    Yes. We have added hyperlinks within the cases, linking citations to previous decisions (at least for those we currently have online, volumes 300 and above).
    These hyperlinks take you to the exact page number marker within a linked case.
  • What methods can I use to access and search the cases?

    We offer various ways to find a case.
    You can browse the cases by both US Reports volume number and year of publication.
    You can also search by citation, title and full text.
    If you search by citation and you enter a page number that is in the interior of the case you will be taken to the first page of the case that includes that page.
    For the full text searching, we currently offer full Boolean search ability. For detailed information on how to conduct a full text search, please see the search help page .
    When searching by full text, you will receive a listing of cases that meet your query terms. If you want to quickly check how the terms in the case matched your query, click on "Highlight Hits - Summary" which will show each query hit in the case with a few words on either side of the hit in order to give it some context.
  • Can I copy the search form html and search these cases from my own web page?

    Yes. We even provide a page with the html at URL We also provide the html for searching LawCrawler, FindLaw and the Law Reviews from your own web pages. Links to this html can be found on the about FindLaw Information page .
  • Can I link to individual cases?

    Yes. The easiest way to do to find the case you wish to link to and then copy the URL in the location window for pasting into your own html document.
    Of course you could type in the volume and page number directly into the URL. For example the following URL links to Roe v. Wade 410 US 113. The vol variable is the US Reports volume number and the invol value is the page number.
    For later cases without US Report citation numbers, you will need to actually copy the URL from the location window.
  • I need to find a case that was published before 1893. Where should I look on the Internet?

    You can find selected historic decisions at Cornell Law School and at InfoSynthesis .Subscription services that contain pre-1893 decisions on the Web include:

    WestDoc an Internet legal document retrieval service from West Group, has Supreme court cases available on a per case fee. $10.00 per document viewed, including print/delivery.
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