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JusticeMail FAQ

Q:  What should I try if I can't log in?
A:   First, make sure you are entering your user name correctly. (Sometimes there are extra spaces inserted after the text.)  Second, make sure you are entering your password correctly. It is case-sensitive so make sure CAPS LOCK is not on and there aren't any additional spaces at the end.

Q:  How can I adjust the display settings?
A:   Regarding word wrapping on your messages, this is not something controlled by FindLaw so we can't correct it. Try changing your Display Properties (like screen size) in the Control Panel or switching your web browser (from Firefox to Internet Explorer, for example).

Q:  I need to download mail to Outlook. What are your POP and SMTP settings?
A:   Currently, we do not have POP access for JusticeMail. The only way to access your mail is through webmail at

Q:  How much storage space do I get with JusticeMail and can I get more?
A:   Currently JusticeMail offers 250MB (megabyte) of storage space, the maximum space allowed for each account.

Q:  What should I do if I get an email asking for my personal information?
A:   "Phishing" is a type of online fraud where the perpetrators attempt to acquire personal, financial, and/or other account information (such as user IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, PINs, etc.) from unsuspecting victims. This type of fraud is typically initiated by sending an unsolicited but official-looking email claiming to be from a reputable company. The fraudulent email usually contains an urgent message that tries to lure the recipient into providing sensitive information.

If you receive a phishing email from a email address, please send a copy of that email to JusticeMail. You may also wish to report this phishing scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Q: Is there a number I can call to get help with my email account?
A:   Unfortunately we do not have a live operator to assist you with your free JusticeMail. However, you can send us your question and we will try to answer within 24 hours.

Q:  How do I sign up for a new JusticeMail account?
A:   Thank you for your interest in our JusticeMail service. Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering new JusticeMail accounts.

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