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  Is your law firm’s digital marketing program delivering?

  Understanding what makes FindLaw different — and better

In order to build their online brands, connect with legal consumers in need, and drive business growth, small law firms should know that a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is a must-have. In recent years, firms have taken steps to invest in marketing solutions like a professionally designed website, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and social media. But according to the Thomson Reuters Institute’s
2023 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Report, 45% of surveyed firms still aren’t confident that their marketing efforts are effective in driving business. 

While small law firms know that marketing is an important business growth lever, many remain frustrated as they’re not seeing the results they expected or were promised. What could be causing this disconnect? 

Is your law firm’s digital marketing program delivering?

Let’s look at three reasons why many small law firms may lack confidence in their marketing programs.  

Your firm doesn’t have a comprehensive view of your current marketing strategy

Many digital marketing vendors offer only one or two marketing tools. Consequently, law firms that want to expand and grow their marketing programs are forced to hire multiple vendors, many of whom are all independently working on only their slice of the marketing pie. What’s more, these vendors likely aren’t communicating with each other, and all have a financial interest in trying to get your firm to spend more on their specific tool — even when it may not be in your firm’s best interest.  

Without a clear view of your marketing strategy, your firm could be forced to communicate with multiple vendors who all have different ways of reporting results — leaving you trying to make sense of what your firm is doing and why while being told by every vendor that your firm needs to increase spend to see better results. 

Your firm has the wrong mix of marketing tools

To be effective, law firms cannot take a set-it-and-forget-it approach to digital marketing — yet that’s exactly what a lot of marketing vendors do. They build a website, post on social media, or set up paid campaigns, but fail to monitor results and make needed adjustments. The result? Your firm doesn’t see the engagement and growth you were promised. 

That’s why it’s so important to partner with an experienced digital marketing vendor who is constantly evaluating your marketing program’s performance and making adjustments to pull back or push forward with specific initiatives when it makes sense. This level of cohesion isn’t possible when you’re relying on several marketing vendors who are all working independently of one another and competing for your business.  

Your firm isn’t seeing the results you expected and were promised

You know that the legal industry is extremely competitive and, unfortunately, positive marketing results are never guaranteed. Plus, what works for one firm may not be effective for another. 

Start thinking ahead by partnering with a marketing vendor that has a proven track record of success and the deep resources and experience to drive real and measurable results — a vendor who only specializes in the legal industry and has a deep understanding of your specific practice areas, region, and target clientele.

2023 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Report

Today’s small law firm leaders show optimism about their practices’ future prospects but recognize that substantial challenges remain ahead of them.

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Understanding what makes FindLaw different — and better

By partnering with a legal vendor like FindLaw, small law firms can accelerate their firm’s growth and reach their business goals. Let’s explore how.  

One vendor, multiple capabilities  

With FindLaw, you have dedicated resources with whom your firm can partner and regularly communicate with. From the start, FindLaw’s digital marketing experts take time to understand your firm’s business goals, past and current marketing efforts, what sets you apart from competitors, and your target clients.  

Armed with this information, they devise a digital marketing strategy that’s tailored to your firm. In return, you get a true partnership where goals, expectations and strategies are clearly communicated and agreed upon up front, then measured and reported regularly.  

Comprehensive performance reports that are easy-to understand and always accessible  

When you partner with FindLaw, you’re never left in the dark wondering what marketing tools you have, how much you’re spending on each tool, or how your investment is paying off. With FindLaw’s INSIGHT performance analytics platform, your firm has immediate 24/7 access to performance metrics and trends, so you’ll always know how your digital marketing program is driving business growth.  

What’s included in your INSIGHT report? It depends on your firm’s marketing mix, but here are examples of what you can expect: 

  • Website traffic numbers and traffic sources 
  • Number of law firm calls, emails, and chats
  • Pay-per-click campaign performance 
  • Google business profile and social media engagement  

Honest, insightful, and expert advice on marketing performance  

The comprehensive and detailed data provided via FindLaw’s INSIGHT platform provides the context you and your FindLaw team need to understand which marketing levers are driving results — and where strategies and adjustments may be needed. Our digital marketing experts are regularly and proactively monitoring your firm’s analytics data with the goal of improving performance.  

From integrated marketing plans and legal directories to award-winning websites and SEO strategies that drive results, FindLaw’s digital marketing solutions deliver real and measurable results that help small law firms meet their business goals.  

Learn more by downloading the 2023 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Report.

Small law firms: Leveraging marketing to drive business development

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