Analytics at a glance

FindLaw’s variety of industry-leading products and services help meet the marketing needs of today's law firms, but choosing your FindLaw marketing mix is only the beginning.

How do you know your FindLaw solutions are driving value? It takes INSIGHT.

INSIGHT is the performance analytics platform for FindLaw. Subscribers can easily track the performance metrics and trends of their FindLaw marketing programs in a user-friendly interface.

What you see with INSIGHT

The platform presents performance data in context within a consistent framework to help you make sense of the data and see the value of your marketing investment.

Your dashboard shows metrics and analytics based on your unique placements, which might include things like:

Depending on your program, you could be eligible for more in-depth analytics through Contact Attribution reporting.

Clear value

With an easy-to-understand view of the data behind your marketing performance, you can see for yourself how your FindLaw marketing solutions build brand awareness, drive consumer engagement, and deliver connections.

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