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Online marketing is far more challenging than it used to be. As the internet evolves, a website is no longer sufficient to remain competitive.
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There is a rapid shift occurring within the digital landscape. Online consumers are more mobile, and an increasing number of them are bypassing traditional search engines. Web users also spend more of their time watching videos and interacting on popular social media platforms such as Facebook. To compete successfully in today’s internet marketplace, you need a multi-pronged strategy that engages consumers where they are, and leads them to your doors. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Angela Reed

Cleveland Attorney Marketing Specialist

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I’m Angela Reed, and I work with law firms and attorneys in the greater Cleveland area. I am proud to work for FindLaw because our industry-leading digital legal marketing products deliver the kind of strong return on investment my clients need to see. I prioritize the strong relationships I build with attorneys, and want to reward their trust in me with a strong, long-lasting partnership and a customized marketing strategy that really pays off. When I meet with clients throughout Northeast Ohio, I hear over and over again that they have difficulty setting themselves apart and need new business to get to the next tier, but aren’t sure how to get it. My role is to listen to each client’s goals and pain points and forge a path for them to get where they need to be. My integrity, attentiveness, natural ability to foster relationships, and high standard of customer service make my approach unique. If you practice in Cleveland or elsewhere in Northeast Ohio, please don’t delay in reaching out to me. I would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you.

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At FindLaw, one of the ways we stand out in the legal industry is our strong local presence. We have experts who work daily within the Cleveland and Northern Ohio markets and have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening inside the local communities. Our experts know what works (and what doesn’t work) to drive local legal consumers to take action, and we continually monitor the latest online developments so we can make real-time adjustments (when necessary) to keep our marketing campaigns on track toward achieving our objectives. FindLaw is the national leader in web marketing for attorneys. We work exclusively within the legal industry, and we have formed successful partnerships with nearly 20,000 lawyers and law firms throughout the country.

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Angela in her own words:

What really drives me is that fact that I can put together an integrated program that fits the clients’ needs and helps achieve their goals — versus just selling them a product.


FindLaw has unparalleled legal industry experience. We have helped tens of thousands of law firms become more successful, and we have shown time and again that we are at the top of the industry.


Cleveland Integrated Lawyer Marketing

The legal markets in Northern Ohio are a diverse mixture of larger metro areas, smaller cities and rural communities. Downtown Cleveland is highly competitive, and there are countless attorneys here who spend a lot of money on legal advertising. Towns like Canton, Akron and Youngstown are still competitive, particularly in common practice areas such as family law. Attorneys in rural communities tend to have more specific needs that require a highly customized solution.

To compete successfully in the Northern Ohio markets, you need extensive knowledge of the local market dynamics, and the ability to identify hidden growth opportunities that other firms may be missing. FindLaw’s best-in-the-industry integrated lawyer marketing solutions deliver the tools legal professionals need to grow and prosper online.

Our premium law firm websites come with a professional design that showcases your strengths within the marketplace. Our responsive legal websites are easily viewable on mobile devices. Our cutting-edge blogging and social media marketing platform delivers a steady flow of quality content to your target market, and our high-traffic law firm directory placements have the potential to make your phone ring almost immediately. Working synergistically, our top integrated solutions form a powerful combination that positions attorneys to vastly expand their digital footprint.

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