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It’s the nature of the modern digital age. Information travels at breakneck speeds, and online marketing is becoming increasingly complex.
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In today’s ever-evolving internet marketplace, a professional website is no longer enough to remain competitive. Your website is still essential, but consumers today have numerous potential paths to your virtual office doors. For example, more than half now connect to the web via smartphones or tablets, and a growing number of online users connect directly to their favorite websites while bypassing search engines altogether. To reach more of your target audience, you need an approach that is multi-faceted and puts you in more places legal consumers are likely to be online. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Tonya Bassett

Marietta Attorney Marketing Expert

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My name is Tonya Basset and I’m your FindLaw law firm marketing specialist for Atlanta, Marietta and surrounding Georgia communities. I have over 12 years of digital marketing experience, and I specialize in creating customized integrated lawyer marketing plans that help area firms grow and flourish. I am not a ‘pushy sales person’. I take the time to listen and learn your specific needs, so I can develop a solution that fully addresses your needs, stays within your budget, and maximizes ROI. I am also local to the Atlanta area; as such, I have extensive knowledge of the local markets here and what methods work most effectively to bring more (and better) cases to your firm. If you are ready to increase your firm’s visibility on the web, I am here to help. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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Part of what makes FindLaw’s offering unique is our local presence. We have specialists in the Atlanta area that work every day within the local markets here. They know what is working and what is not working to drive more targeted prospects to your firm, and they have the ability to make real-time adjustments (when necessary) to keep you on track toward meeting your goals. Being local to the area, our specialists are able to deliver highly personalized service to our clients. They meet with you regularly (as your schedule allows) to review the progress of your marketing campaign, and they are always available whenever you need to contact them with questions or concerns. FindLaw is the national leader in attorney web marketing, and we have a strong track record of achieving positive results for legal professionals.

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Tonya, in her own words.

I love seeing my clients’ firms grow. Law firms have to market in this day and age. Visibility is the key to their success, and FindLaw provides the top integrated tools necessary to achieve that success.


Findlaw is a one stop shop.  We have been in the legal industry for a long time, and we have the resources, tools and expertise to make you visible everywhere online.

Integrated Legal Marketing for Atlanta, Marietta and throughout Georgia

The Georgia legal markets are diverse and unique. Atlanta is one of the largest metro areas in the country – there are a lot of attorneys here, many of whom spend significant amounts on lawyer advertising. Throughout the state, there are medium-sized communities and rural towns that have their own unique flavor. Competing successfully in Georgia requires knowledge of the local markets, and the ability to craft innovative strategies that can help uncover hidden growth opportunities.

FindLaw’s local experts in Georgia understand that no two towns are exactly alike, and no two firms are exactly alike. For this reason, they perform thorough assessments of your firm, then they put their in-depth expertise to work to recommend the integrated lawyer marketing solutions that best fit your needs and budget. Our cutting-edge integrated solutions include our premium law firm websites, attorney blog and social media platform, lawyer SEO, legal pay per click (PPC) advertising, law firm videos, advanced online traffic conversion tools, and much more. These solutions work in tandem to increase your visibility and help your firm survive and thrive – even in the most competitive marketplaces.

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