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"No one understands how individuals browse for legal services or why they choose the attorneys they do better than FindLaw."

My name is Eric Geller, and I'm a marketing specialist with FindLaw. I specialize in assisting law firms in establishing a credible online presence through integrated digital marketing techniques. I can teach you how to develop your business while staying within your budget by diversifying your advertising efforts. I can create a plan that grows with you and at your pace using FindLaw's integrated web marketing solutions. Contact me for a free consultation if you're ready to improve the results of your online marketing efforts.

"FindLaw offers comprehensive business development solutions to medium law offices, allowing them to successfully create their brands and connect with legal customers in order to expand their practice."

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Eric Geller

Client Development Consultant

Law Firm Growth Solutions

Awards & Recognition

The Legal Standard Of Excellence.

findlaw web award

FindLaw is the proud recipient of six 2020 WebAwards, the standards-defining competition that sets industry benchmarks for the best websites.

FindLaw IAC Award

FindLaw is proud to have won two Platinum Hermes Creative Awards and six Gold Hermes Creative Awards in 2020. Hermes Creative Award is one of the oldest creative competitions in the world.

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Geller, in his own words.

“I am very passionate about FindLaw. Working for a company that only focuses on helping law firms grow their business and being the best in the industry, makes me proud to be a part of the team.”

Southern California Integrated Attorney Marketing

San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles are all highly competitive legal markets. There are a lot of lawyers that spend a lot of money on advertising their legal firms. To compete successfully in this market, you must first learn about the local markets and be able to spot hidden growth prospects that can help you obtain a competitive advantage. FindLaw offers comprehensive business development solutions to small law offices, allowing them to successfully create their brands and connect with legal customers in order to expand their practice.

Our award-winning lawyer websites, responsive mobile web designs, law firm SEO, and Legal Directory advertising are just a few of our industry-leading integrated attorney marketing solutions.

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