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The internet is constantly evolving, and to compete in today’s digital marketplace, you need a multi-pronged strategy.
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Consumer behavior is constantly changing and how a potential client decides to move forward with you is going to be determined on the research they do on their own through search engines and digital marketing.  The best attorneys understand this and realize they must constantly be adapting while the consumer behavior changes.  Those who fail to adapt to the change will slowly fall behind while their competition steals their business.

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Brandon Groenhoff

Orange County Lawyer Marketing Advocate

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My name is Brandon Groenhoff and I’m your FindLaw Sales Executive for Orlando, Gainesville, Ocala, Daytona Beach, and surrounding Central Florida communities. I have over 17 years of sales and lead generation experience and have worked with small business owners by helping them with business development and increasing their overall revenue. These experiences helped grow my knowledge of PPC, websites, blogs, call centers, and social media strategy (just to name a few) which is precisely what FindLaw specializes in, and I like to say that Lead Generation is my specialty. If you’re looking for a long-term partner who is committed to helping your practice grow and prosper, contact me for a free consultation.

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FindLaw’s local presence is one of the critical factors that distinguish us from other companies in the legal marketing space. We have local specialists in the Orlando area that work daily in the Central Florida markets. They know the ins and outs of what is happening in the communities here, and they know what works and what doesn’t work (from a marketing perspective) to deliver optimal results to area firms. Our specialists are not only local experts; they are also online marketing experts with extensive knowledge of FindLaw’s top integrated attorney web marketing solutions. Using our cutting-edge solutions, they are able to customize winning marketing campaigns around the specific needs of your firm. FindLaw has partnered with tens of thousands of legal professionals throughout the nation, and we know what it takes to help law firms grow and prosper online.

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Brandon, in his own words.

FindLaw is the industry leader in lawyer web marketing; we have been doing this since 1995, and we are experts at what we do. We work exclusively with attorneys, and we have over 18,000 clients across the country. We know the business of law, and we know what works for attorneys to generate more and better leads. We are a Google Premier Partner, we have a comprehensive suite of over 75+ internet solutions, and our highly-trusted Legal Directory receives over 11 million visits per month.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions in Orlando and Central Florida

My clients like working with me because I am totally transparent.  Everything I know, you will know, including industry insight, access to my experience in growing small businesses, and lead generation strategy/intake strategy.  My #1 objective is to level the playing field with you and help you grow your business.  Not only do I want you to attract more clients, I want you to attract better clients.  I am going to help you find the best of the best clients by using the marketing best practices.

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