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Today, a professional attorney website is no longer enough to attract prospects.
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The internet is always evolving, and marketing methods that work today may not necessarily work tomorrow. The modern digital marketplace requires a multi-pronged approach in order to be successful. Increasingly, consumers are connecting to the internet through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and spending more time watching videos and interacting on social media sites. This massive shift in consumer behavior requires a change in your online marketing strategy as well. You need to go where your target audience is, engage them, and lead them through your virtual front door. But how do attorneys accomplish all this while staying focused on practicing law? That’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Justin Niedzwecki

Pittsburgh & West Virginia Legal Marketing Expert

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I’m Justin Niedzwecki. For 12 years, I’ve worked almost exclusively with small to medium-sized businesses. Now, I’m proud to say I work exclusively with attorneys in the south Pittsburgh metro and throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and northern and central Virginia. Because I’ve worked with other marketing companies, I speak from experience when I say that FindLaw stands above the rest. It’s important to me that my clients feel secure when they decide to work with me, and because I know FindLaw really delivers for law firms, I can go about my job with confidence. Throughout the industry, I haven’t known of a company that backs its products with so much research or customer support. I see my role as that of a knowledgeable business partner who decision-makers and small law firms can rely upon. I’ve found my clients don’t want to know about algorithm changes or trends in consumer behavior—they want to practice law. So, it’s my job to learn about those things for them and then present a solution that will help them meet their goals.

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When you invest in an internet marketing solution, you have the right to expect that the company you partner with can show you a proven track record of results. At FindLaw, we have local experts on the ground in the Pittsburgh area that can do just that. Our experts know the ins and outs of online marketing, and they have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in your local communities. They know which marketing methods are working (and which are not) to produce better results for area law firms. FindLaw has been in the legal industry for over 100 years. We were there when the internet got started, and we have been helping attorneys and law firms succeed online ever since. This is a major reason tens of thousands of lawyers have trusted us to help them achieve their goals and maximize ROI.

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The Shapiro Law Firm The specific results that we've seen is that our business has continued to grow at a time when it appears other people's businesses aren't growing. Howard Shapiro FindLaw Customer Since 2008 https://www.theshapirolawfirm.com/

Justin, in his own words.

The importance of fresh new content and the power of social media cannot be overstated. This is your online office…you have to look good, have great content and engage your target audience. This is why FindLaw’s integrated lawyer marketing approach is so powerful – our programs work synergistically to produce optimal results. 

FindLaw has been in the arena of online marketing (exclusively for attorneys) since the internet began. We have nearly 20,000 clients working in all types of regions, with all types of demographics, and in every area of practice. We know how to customize an online marketing strategy based on your needs that will garner a strong return on investment.

Pittsburgh, PA and West Virginia Integrated Attorney Marketing Programs

Reaching targeted prospects in highly competitive areas requires a more innovative strategy. At FindLaw, our integrated legal web marketing solutions are just what lawyers and law firms in the Pittsburgh area need to stand out from the competition. From our award-winning lawyer websites to placement in our high-traffic online Legal Directory to our cutting-edge social media engagement tool, we integrate just the right mixture of our industry-leading web marketing solutions to position legal professionals to dominate their local online marketplace.

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