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Digital marketing is rapidly evolving. Today, there are numerous pathways to your virtual front door, and a website is no longer enough.
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A quality website that projects a professional image is still important, but the complexity of the modern internet requires a broader approach if you want to capture more of your target market. Consumers have far more ways to connect to the web than ever before. More than half now log on through a mobile device, and an increasing number of consumers connect directly through individualized apps, bypassing traditional search engines entirely. So the question is – how do legal professionals put together an online marketing strategy that reaches their target audience? That’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Jessica Mertz

Sarasota Law Firm Marketing Consultant

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My name is Jessica Mertz and I’m your FindLaw legal marketing strategist for Sarasota, Naples and nearby South Florida communities. I have over four years of sales and marketing experience, and I began with FindLaw in May of 2016. I specialize in developing customized legal web marketing solutions -- based on the needs of my clients -- to help accomplish their goals and maximize ROI. My clients enjoy working with me because I have their best interest at heart. I am proud of my job and being able to help clients grow and prosper through FindLaw’s industry-best integrated online marketing strategies. I am honest, hard-working and committed to ensuring the success of each client I serve. If you are looking for better internet marketing results, I am here to help. Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Local specialists. Personalized service.

FindLaw has local specialists who work in the Sarasota and South Florida markets every day. Our specialists have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the local communities, and what marketing methods are working most effectively to draw in more targeted prospects to area law firms. Our specialists deliver personalized service, with frequent in-person meetings to discuss the progress of your marketing campaign. In addition, they continually monitor the local markets and have the ability to make real time changes (when necessary) to keep you on track toward achieving your goals. FindLaw is the market leader in internet marketing for law firms. We have a strong track record of success in the legal industry, and we have an exclusive focus on delivering better results for legal professionals.

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Jessica, in her own words.

I am driven by seeing clients’ businesses grow. My perspective on law firm marketing is that through FindLaw’s industry-leading integrated solutions, the opportunities are endless to attract clients for law firms. Also, the social media world is making it easier to be visible and allowing an audience to find the right lawyer for them.


I really believe in a complete package. Some of my favorite FindLaw services are the directories (FindLaw, LawInfo, Super Lawyers, and Abogados), engagement builder/social pro, and of course our award-winning legal web designs. These services work in sync with our other integrated solutions to deliver optimal results for our clients.


FindLaw combines integrity, professionalism and an unwavering focus on helping deliver results to assist in building your business.

Integrated Lawyer Marketing for Sarasota and throughout South Florida

The markets on the southwest coast of Florida are very competitive with a lot of attorneys who spend significant amounts of money on legal advertising. Because of the proximity of the various metro areas here, your marketing footprint can be fairly spread out. Still, you need an innovate approach to penetrate the markets and build clientele.

FindLaw’s integrated attorney online marketing services deliver the solutions Southwest Florida law firms need to survive and thrive in the competitive digital landscape. Our experts on the ground understand the local dynamics, and they know what drives legal consumers in the area to take action. We deliver premium law firm web designs, mobile responsive websites, attorney search engine optimization (SEO), Legal Directory paid advertising, cutting-edge client development solutions, and much more. These services can all be customized to fit the needs of law firms of all types and sizes.

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