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Digital marketing is becoming increasingly complicated, and there are now more ways than ever to reach targeted legal consumers online.
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The internet landscape has shifted rapidly in recent years. Consumers are becoming more mobile and social, and a growing number of them bypass traditional web browsers and search engines and find legal services in other ways. To compete today, you need more than just a professional website that ranks in the search engines. You need a multi-faceted approach that puts you in more places and allows you to capture a greater share of your target market. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Steven Jackson

Lawyer Marketing Specialist

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I’m Steven Jackson, and I work with solo attorneys and small law firms in Texas. I’ve worked for FindLaw’s parent company of Thomson Reuters for almost a decade now, and was named a Client Manager of the Year in 2020. What I like about my current position is that it provides the opportunity for me to work with Texas lawyers in a very hands-on, participatory style. Lawyers here like to get the need-to-know information and get it quickly. They count on me to know FindLaw’s products and recommend the best one for their unique goals and budget considerations. I feel confident going in to each client meeting because I know no other marketing vendor can match FindLaw and Thomson Reuters. We’ve used our unmatched knowledge of the legal industry and our continued research into online consumer behavior to develop products that are better than anyone else’s, and we stand behind them by offering support and service others just can’t match. If you are in Texas and want to know more, please contact me today. I’d love to provide you with a complimentary consultation and learn more about how I can help you.

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FindLaw has highly-trained specialists working daily in Texas. We continually monitor the local online trends in these areas, and we know what marketing methods work (and what methods don’t work) to drive more (and better) cases to area law firms. Our specialists also understand internet marketing in general, and we know how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s vast suite of industry-leading integrated lawyer web marketing products to deliver positive results to our clients. FindLaw has successfully partnered with nearly 20,000 legal professionals nationwide. Law firm marketing is all we do, and we have the tools, resources and expertise to help achieve your web marketing goals.

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Midwest Disability PA No one could match the experience that FindLaw had when it came to marketing attorneys on the internet. Thomas A. Klint FindLaw Customer Since 2009

Steven, in his own words.

I build business relationships with my clients to help them grow their business and tailor their leads to best suit their marketing objectives. I truly enjoy being along on the journey with them toward even greater success in their practice! FindLaw provides industry-leading digital marketing solutions exclusively for attorneys that are tailored to meet their specific needs. We also offer on-going support and account management to ensure optimal performance with all of the marketing solutions we provide.

Specialized Integrated Lawyer Marketing Plans for Law Firms

FindLaw’s market-leading integrated attorney web development tools are flexible and customizable around the needs of the firm to achieve your goals and produce optimal results. Our professional legal websites (FirmSites) come with a premium design and quality content written by legal experts. Our high-traffic legal directories connect you with qualified prospects looking for your services. Our attorney blog and social media promotion platform sends out a steady flow of content to your target audience. And our advanced digital traffic conversion technologies turn more web visitors into paying clients. After a thorough assessment of the specifics of your firm, we integrate just the right combination of these tools to help you gain a strong foothold within your local internet marketplace.

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