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Reach the clients you’re looking for with performance-based advertising

With Legal Network Advertising, Thomson Reuters delivers a dynamic ad program that displays your ads to your most desired prospects within our website network. It's a simple, affordable and accessible digital marketing solution for law firms like yours.

100M+ legal consumer visits each year

Each of these website visits represents a person researching their legal issue and attorney options.

These qualified prospective clients are ready to contact your firm—they just have to find you.

How a Legal Network Advertising program works

We help you target the exact audience you’re looking to reach and receive a steady stream of ad engagements.

You decide:

We provide:

Ads are delivered on these legal websites:

Our ads create visibility for your firm at all stages of the legal consumer buying journey with multiple ad placement types across the network.

And those website visitors can be highly engaged, valuable leads for your firm.

Visitors to our legal websites are 3x more likely to contact your firm compared to visitors coming from Google. (Based on an analysis of overall traffic to the Thomson Reuters Legal Network, 2020.)

All programs prove their value with:

What is Performance-based Advertising?

A Legal Network Advertising program will display your ads as much as needed until your performance equals the value of your subscription.

On average, 20% of all ad clicks received are expected to convert into contacts for your firm (phone call or contact form submission), though variance by individual customer and practice area is typical. (Based on an analysis of overall traffic to the Thomson Reuters Legal Network, 2020.)

When you have a comprehensive, easy-to-use marketing solution with Thomson Reuters’ Legal Network Advertising, you can put your time and expertise where they belong — on your cases.

Get started online today or book an appointment with a representative for more information.

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