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Legal Consumers, Mobile Apps and Your Law Firm

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It’s no secret that people are spending more and more time on their phones every day. So, it’s no wonder legal consumers are searching for attorneys on their mobile device as well. But the details of how legal consumers use mobile phones matter.

FindLaw takes a deep dive into how your prospects research and hire an attorney using the most popular apps on their phones. These include Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram and Waze. Each app allows someone the opportunity to learn more about you, no matter where they are in the buying process.

When you understand how people use mobile apps to find businesses – like law firms – you can start using them to better market to legal consumers. We’re talking about more than just optimizing your search engine presence. For mobile prospects, it’s time to think beyond the browser.

Download this playbook and discover:

  • The importance of “micro-moments” in the mobile experience
  • Which mobile map apps matter most
  • How to position your law firm on social media and YouTube
Top 7 Marketing Tactics for Small-town Attorneys

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