Case Study

Atkinson Law Office, P.A.

SIZE: 3 attorneys
SCOPE AND SERVICES: Workers’ compensation

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

The Situation

A personal experience with a work-related injury gives Tom Atkinson compassion and unique insight when representing injured workers and disabled individuals. As the founder and managing partner of Atkinson Law Office, Atkinson prides himself on having a diverse staff who treat every case they work as if it’s going to hearing versus solely to settle.

With a client base from across the U.S. who sustain injuries in Minnesota, generating referrals and maintaining a strong online reputation is paramount to the firm’s success. From an early stage, Atkinson recognized the importance of marketing his firm but that what worked years ago was very different today. This realization, coupled with marketing efforts taking up a significant amount of time, led him to seek an external marketing vendor.

The firm experimented with several companies before moving to FindLaw in 2012 and has never turned back. Tom attributes the success to his local marketing consultant who offers unparalleled customer service and keeps the firm abreast of the latest legal marketing trends. Through this strong partnership, the firm has expanded from a basic online presence to a robust FindLaw and Super Lawyers solution set centered around visibility and online reputation.

The Solution

To ensure Atkinson Law stood out as the workers’ compensation firm of choice for potential clients and referring attorneys, Tom consulted with the FindLaw and Super Lawyers teams to create an integrated approach. This consisted of:

  • Being Seen Online: Top placements in both the FindLaw and Super Lawyers online legal directories allow the firm to reach potential clients by practice area and location. Combined with premium online profiles and targeted pay-per-click advertising, the firm has ample opportunity to drive valuable traffic to its website and get in front of prospective clients searching for an attorney online.
  • Generating Referrals: Advertising multiple years in Minnesota Super Lawyers Magazine has proven to be a powerful tool for out-of-state referrals and client recognition. Tom’s designation to the Super Lawyers list sets him apart from competitors and he leverages print advertising as another medium to remain top-of-mind for peers and prospects.
  • Securing Client Reviews: Tom understands the need to be cognizant of his online reputation and the importance of ratings and reviews. Through FindLaw’s Review Platform, current and former clients can seamlessly write a review of Atkinson and his firm across multiple sites. This tool takes the guesswork out of asking for reviews and enables him to mitigate the negative and accentuate the positive.

The results

With the firm’s marketing in the hands of Super Lawyers and FindLaw, Tom is able to dedicate his time to practicing law and being attentive to the needs of his clients. His marketing solutions have seen stronger performance year-over-year. The integrated approach has led to an uptick in referrals and increased website traffic, but most importantly, has helped establish Atkinson Law as the preeminent workers’ compensation firm in the market.


Website visits have increased an average of 12 percent year-over-year since 2014.

Contacts from pay-per-click ads increased six times year-over-year from 2017 to 2018.

I wanted to practice law and not be solely marketing. I went through three internet marketing firms, and then I finally went with FindLaw and have been with them ever since.

Attorney Tom A. Atkinson

Atkinson Law Office

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC Case Study

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