Case Study

Katz Melinger PLLC

LOCATION: Manhattan, NY
SIZE: 5 attorneys
SCOPE AND SERVICES: Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law
FIRM GOAL: Increase visibility among Spanish-speaking legal consumers, bring in more Spanish-speaking clients and improve the firm’s ability to successfully serve those new clients.

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

The Situation

Katz Melinger PLLC has established a successful practice by staying up to date on the latest legal changes in New York’s complex employment laws. Kenneth Katz, the firm’s principal attorney, knew that working in an ever-shifting employment law landscape required discipline and creative solutions.

A few years ago, Katz Melinger had the chance to represent some Spanish-speaking clients, but didn’t have the benefit of a staff member or attorney who could translate. While the firm was able to take on the clients despite the language barrier, Katz saw the potential to expand in the New York metro area. In response, the firm hired bilingual paralegals and attorneys. At first, a few Spanish-speaking clients would trickle in, but a defined strategy to directly market to Spanish-speaking consumers wasn’t in place.

“If Spanish-speaking clients came in and we had someone who could help, we did, but we weren’t really targeting it,” said Katz. 

Meeting with his FindLaw marketing consultant, Katz wanted to know how to build the firm’s digital reach to an underserved audience in the surrounding New York area.

The Solution

Committed to reaching Spanish-speaking workers in need of help with employment law issues, Katz Melinger partnered with the FindLaw team to launch a multi-faceted strategy to expand the firm’s potential client base among the growing Spanish-speaking demographic. Their approach included:

  • Increased Online Visibility: Paired with the firm’s strategy to hire bilingual attorneys and staff members, Katz invested in an online profile on for the law firm and individual attorneys. By placing its brand on the directory, the most searched site for legal information in Spanish and the highest volume legal directory for Spanish-speaking consumers, the firm gained immediate credibility. And having a professionally made, dynamic website, which meets SEO standards and is mobile-optimized, meant that potential clients visiting the site had an easier process for contacting an attorney.
  • Aiming for the Right Clients: Because the firm saw a large uptick in contacts, it invested even further in the directory by purchasing exclusive placements with TopSpots directory ads. By doing so, the firm was able to target clients in specific practice areas and regions. And they’re seeing results. “We know we get a high percentage of calls from Spanish speakers compared to the money we pay for it,” Katz said. “We’re seeing a great return on investment.”
  • Expanded Advertising Presence: Putting together a series of Google and Bing pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns in Spanish that focused on plaintiff employment litigation, Katz Melinger saw an increase in landing page traffic that provided potential clients with an easier process to contact the firm, leading to a better return on investment. “We found that our Spanish ads are significantly more effective and efficient than the non-Spanish ads we run,” Katz said.

Together, Katz Melinger and the FindLaw team has created a well-rounded digital strategy that’s building the firm’s reputation among their desired audience and bringing in new business.


Impressions to their directory presence have increased by 22 percent in the last year and contacts to the firm increased by 20 percent during the same time period.


Katz Melinger saw a 20 percent increase in PPC clicks year-over-year (YOY) and a 70 percent uptick YOY in PPC-related contacts to the firm.

Kenneth Katz“We’re putting ourselves in front of legal consumers that many of my competitors aren’t focusing on and can’t service. We’re getting in front of new consumers and we know we can get results with this target audience.”

Success Story

“We’re putting ourselves in front of legal consumers that many of my competitors aren’t focusing on and can’t service. We’re getting in front of new consumers and we know we can get results with this target audience.”

Kenneth Katz

Katz Melinger PLLC

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC Case Study

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