Frequently Asked Questions

Super Lawyers Receptions


Is it too late to RSVP? Can I still come even though the deadline has passed?

If the deadline has passed and you would still like to attend the Super Lawyers Reception, you may still attend and will be considered a walk-up. But, by not making the deadline you will not receive a printed name badge and will be provided a written one. If VALET is provided we try to book a few extras for this situation but potentially we could be short VALET passes.

Can I bring a +1?

If the +1 is another Super Lawyers current selectee in your market and for some reason they did not receive the invite from us, the answer is yes. If you’re asking to bring a non-selectee, the answer is no unfortunately. Super Lawyers Receptions are coordinated and funded as a place to allow selectees to network and celebrate with other selectees. We want to avoid running over room capacity with non-selectees that would prevent selectees from being able to attend.

Will food be served?

Super Lawyers Receptions provide beverages and passed appetizers.

I need to cancel my reservation due to a conflict

We’re sorry to miss you.  Please email to let them know that you will no longer be attending.

If you have questions regarding Super Lawyers and would like to meet with your Senior AP who will be in town for the Reception, please schedule an appointment with them.

Can you confirm the event details (time, location)?

All of the details for the Super Lawyers Reception are included within this email. If there is something not included in this email that you need, please reach out to your assigned Senior Associate Publisher in your territory and they can provide you that information. If you do not know who your Super Lawyers Contact is, please click here to find out.

Does this event have a program (presentation)?

This event is a networking event and there will not be a formal presentation. If you desire more education about Super Lawyers, please click here to set up time with your assigned Senior Associate Publisher representative who can help answer those questions or please seek them out at the event as they will be in attendance.

What is the purpose of this event?

Super Lawyers coordinates, organizes and funds these Receptions to bring Super Lawyers selectees together to celebrate and network with other selectees in your market.  In addition to this celebration, this is your opportunity to meet your Super Lawyers representative and ask any questions you may have about your accreditation or how to leverage it.  Most Super Lawyers representatives do not live in market so this is a good opportunity to meet them in person.  We host approximately 20-25 Receptions across the United States each year.

Do I have to arrive exactly at the start time of the event?

Super Lawyers Receptions happen once a year and aren’t guaranteed to return, so we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the full networking time available at these events.  But, we understand that you’re practicing law and are very busy, so if you can only make a portion of the event we still welcome you to come when you can.  The event end time is a hard stop, due to venue contractual arrangements.

Is there valet?

Valet is coordinated based on the market venue. If it is provided it will be included in the email so please refer to your original invite.

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