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Starting From Scratch:

5 Ways to Bolster Your Firm’s Social Media Presence


If you haven’t used social media much, it can be hard to figure out where to start. As an attorney, you’re used to having resources, like case law and legal dictionaries, which you can use to write persuasive, dense and rather lengthy documents. Create a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook page, though, and nobody gives you any starting material to work with. That can be tough, because expressing a message on social media is a very different style of communication. Typically, it is short, not very dense and directed at a pretty wide audience.

Join this webcast to learn more about some simple things your firm can do right off the bat to develop and enhance your social media presence.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • What to post and where to go to curate content
  • Best practices around cultivating an appropriate audience
  • Keeping things consistent with your overall brand


Alison Norman

Alison Norman

Product Manager

Alison Norman manages FindLaw’s Engagement Solutions product line and has been deeply involved in FindLaw’s paid social media initiatives since their inception. Alison is a licensed attorney and spent several years practicing law and working in politics before joining FindLaw in 2011.

Justin McCluskey

Justin McCluskey

Senior Digital Marketing Content Strategist

Justin McCluskey is a Digital Marketing Expert (Content and Social Media) at FindLaw. He provides portfolio-wide guidance on all aspects of content, social media, and related topics.  Justin is a licensed attorney, has represented clients in a variety of business law, contract law, and estate planning matters, and has successfully obtained a reversal at the Court of Appeals of Minnesota.

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