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Psychological Factors that Drive Law Firm Website Success

Watch our free on-demand webcast to learn the science behind getting site visitors to actually contact your law firm.


Of all the elements that go into a website’s design, conversion optimization is unquestionably the most critical. What is “conversion?” It’s the science of getting site visitors to actually contact your law firm.

And it really is a science, too. Conversion-optimized websites all share one element in common: They’re grounded in a solid understanding of the way humans make decisions.

In this webcast, you’ll learn techniques that can help you capitalize on the emotional factors that motivate website visitors to take action.

The webcast will cover:

  • How to appeal to the real risks your potential clients are facing
  • Design elements and strategies which signal that your firm is trustworthy
  • How to determine if your site speaks to a potential client’s needs


Michael Owen Hill

Michael Owen Hill

Product Portfolio Manager, FindLaw

Andrea Getman

Andrea Getman

Digital Marketing Expert, Web Conversion

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