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Seconds Matter: The Real-world Risks of a Slow Mobile Website


Legal consumers are used to getting information quickly.

  • One in five acts within a day of their legal need
  • Nearly two in five within a week

They’re also typically quick to move on if they don’t get answers from a mobile site as quickly as they wish. According to Google, 61 percent of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that was slow to load – and 40 percent visit a competitor’s site instead.

Bottom line: Seconds matter.

Join us for a webcast to learn just what factors influence your website’s mobile page speed, what tools and benchmarks are available to help evaluate the elements that drive website speed (or slow it down), and what you can do to boost your site’s performance. This is a technical know-how worth learning to talk about.


Joe Wilebski

Joe Wilebski

Manager, Digital Marketing Experts

Aaron Hareid

Aaron Hareid

Director, Digital Marketing Strategy & Support

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