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The Future of Search: Preparing Your Law Firm for Voice Search


Change is upon us. Again.

There are already about 45 million voice-assisted devices operating in the United States alone, and that number is growing.

If you thought mobile computing was disruptive, think about what marketing will look like in the future. Natural language, screen-free results, and AI-driven answers all stand poised to alter the landscape of online law firm marketing. The time to prepare for voice search is now.

Join us for a webcast as we discuss this new technology and the different ways consumer are asking questions via these devices versus a typed online search. You’ll learn how your firm can start tailoring its website content now to better position yourself to be the voice-activated answer as usage continues to grow. It’s time to think about marketing your law firm for the future word-of-mouth referral, digitally speaking. Watch now.


Jordan Schuetzle

Jordan Schuetzle

Senior Product Innovation Manager

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