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Faculty, Courses, and Studying

For most law students, the first day of classes is full of excitement and a lot of anxiety. The first thing you probably want to know about your professors is their on-call system. Is it random, alphabetical, or should you move to another seat to get off the firing line? Once the anxiety subsides, though, you eventually settle into your own rhythm as you learn to manage your time between studying, study groups, and extracurricular activities. The Faculty, Courses, and Studying section of FindLaw for Law Students is here to help you to find your law school groove early, so that you have time for other law school activities or even a joint degree.

Faculty, Courses, and Studying Articles

  • How to Brief a Case in Law School

    Case briefs are an important study tool for any law student, but they can be difficult to write the first few times around. Follow these tips to create a brief with all the info you need. 

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  • Law School Courses and Faculty Information

    If you're about to start law school or are in the process of selecting your next class schedule, you're probably curious about which classes to take, and maybe which professors to avoid. This article is designed to help guide you through that process.  

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