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Client Relations

This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Client Relations. Managing the client relationship is a core issue and challenge facing all law firms. Clients are key to the sustainability of your law practice. Issues like client intake, communication, case updates, customer surveys, and holiday gifts are all parts of Client Relations. Are you catering to one of your most important business assets? Could you service your clients better? Start your research with FindLaw.

Client Relations Articles

  • Tips on Conducting Law Firm Client Surveys

    When surveying clients, a law firm should ask questions about the quality of service being provided; determine what other business opportunities might be available to the firm and seek suggestions on how the law firm can improve, said Tom Clay, a consultant with Altman, Weil Pensa, in Newtown Square, Pa.

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  • Treat Your Existing Law Firm Clients Like Gold

    Most lawyers get the vast majority of their new business from existing and past clients. These clients can be a source of new business both by sending new matters and by sending referrals.

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  • Planning Your Law Firm Holiday Client Gifts

    It's amazing how little time many law firms and businesses spend thinking about their holiday cards and gifts. And it's amazing how such a little thing can work so strongly for or against a law firm when a client must decide whether to renew its retainer.

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  • 6 Things That Drive Clients Crazy and How to Avoid Them

    Clients call lawyers when they have a problem. Business questions, a death in the family, a divorce, an accident, a bankruptcy -- all are potential stress producers, and the last thing clients want is more stress or irritation because of their dealings with their attorneys. Lawyers need to find ways to eliminate the unnecessary irritants that really send clients up a wall.

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