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Top 5 Myths About Hurricane Preparedness

By AdvantaClean

With Hurricane Irene barreling toward the Carolina coast, families and businesses must have a thorough disaster plan to protect their homes, offices and families from the storm. Unfortunately, many homeowners make simple mistakes that can put themselves and their families in physical and financial danger. That's why AdvantaClean, a nationwide disaster recovery company with a team in our city, is preparing homeowners for the hurricane with Top 5 Myths About Hurricane Preparedness.


"People have serious misconceptions about how to prepare for a hurricane," says Jeff Dudan, CEO and founder of AdvantaClean, who is mobilizing for Hurricane Irene. "We want to educate people about the common myths of hurricane preparation so they can do more to protect their lives and property."

Top Five Hurricane Preparedness Myths:

1) Taping my windows will keep out wind and rain.
Taping the windows of your home is not an effective way to prevent breakage or stop hurricane-force winds and driving rain. Storm shutters or plywood boards a minimum of 5/8 inch thick greatly reduce the chances of shattered windows. But don't wait until you're already under a hurricane watch. Plywood is hard enough to handle under normal conditions; it's nearly impossible to handle while battling strong winds!

2) I have adequate insurance coverage with my current policy.
Most homeowners' insurance policies do not cover hurricane or flood damage. Flood insurance covers much of the damage a hurricane may inflict, but make sure to read the fine print and determine what additional coverage may be necessary. Most flood insurance kicks in thirty days after you apply for it, so it's too late to run out and get a policy now that the hurricane is headed your way.

3) I live too far inland to be affected by a hurricane.
When a hurricane is approaching, most of the attention is focused on the coastal areas. Although the coastline will take the brunt of the wind and rain, a hurricane can cause damage far inland before its strength begins to diminish.

4) The weather is calm. There's no danger from a hurricane.
A storm's path can be extremely unpredictable, and waiting until the last minute to prepare, even if you think a hurricane will pass by you, can have dire consequences. Calm winds, clear skies and warm temperatures may accompany the eye of the storm, which may be more than 100 miles across, and most likely offer only a temporary break in the weather. After a hurricane passes, conditions are ripe for flash flooding, which can develop quickly, without warning and may have intense effects even after the storm has receded.

5) My home is safe once the hurricane passes.
Although the immediate damage to a home or business may be obvious, a severe storm can have unseen effects that aren't noticeable for a few days 915199244 or even weeks 915199244 after the winds and rain have subsided. Broken pipes and damaged sump pumps can cause water to build up behind walls and under carpets. Left untreated, this water may result in mold, which may cause unseen damage long after hurricane season is over.

"During and after a hurricane, water can find its way into homes and businesses even if there's no visible damage," says Dudan. "The water can quickly result in mold growth, which can have lasting negative effects on the structure and air quality of a home long after the storm recedes. Mold removal may cost thousands of dollars, adding another headache to what could be a long list of post-hurricane expenses."

To reduce long-term mold damage after a hurricane, home and business owners must act quickly to remove water and thoroughly dry any affected areas. If water is removed within 48 hours, the chance of mold growth is drastically reduced. The average mold claim costs $35,000 and may exceed $100,000 in extreme cases, and mold removal is not covered by many insurance policies.

Share with your audience the importance of taking the proper precautions before a storm to reduce the risk of long term damage after a hurricane strikes. In preparation for Hurricane Irene, AdvantaClean is mobilizing disaster recovery teams in our city right now to help areas hardest hit. Before the storm hits, an AdvantaClean expert will walk through a home in our area to show proper hurricane preparedness techniques that will reduce the chances of long-term damage.


About AdvantaClean
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