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Consumer Protection

Air Travelers Get Payback

By A.J. Firstman | Last updated on

The U.S. Transportation Department recently announced the finalization of two new rules that should make air travel slightly more pleasant ... or at least less aggressively unpleasant than it is today. The new rules are the latest in the Biden Administration’s work to lower consumer…

Consumer Reports Uncovers Lead in Lunchables

By Joseph Fawbush, Esq. | Last updated on

A recent investigation by Consumer Reports has revealed lead in Lunchables and other similar snack packs. The report has alarmed consumers and prompted a lawsuit against Kraft Heinz. How safe are Lunchables? And should we be worried? Clarifying the Science First, let's talk about how lead and other heavy…

Neurotechnology: The Next Legal Battleground for Privacy

By Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

If you feel our world increasingly resembles a science fiction story, you aren't alone. Major players in the tech world are developing cutting-edge neurotechnology, for example. With potential applications ranging from medical diagnostics to augmented reality, this technology promises to unlock new capabilities for the human brain. However, as…

Google Settles Lawsuit by Purging Billions of Personal Records

By Melanie Rauch, JD | Last updated on

In a landmark settlement agreement, Google has agreed to delete billions of records containing personal information of more than 136 million U.S. users who surfed the internet using its Chrome web browser. The decision is a resolution to a class action lawsuit accusing the tech…

FCC Rules on Robocalls

By Christopher Coble, Esq. | Updated by Melanie Rauch, JD | Last updated on

In the battle against unwanted sales calls, it's nice to know the government is on your side. The Do Not Call Registry was a good start, but in the age of cell phones, emails, and text messages, regulatory agencies can struggle to keep pace with tech-savvy telemarketers. So the Federal Communications Commission recently issued some new advice on stopping unwanted calls, texts, and even faxes. (Remember those?

What Do Hackers Do With Your Stolen Data?

By George Khoury, Esq. | Updated by Melanie Rauch, JD | Last updated on

Unfortunately, in real life, hackers are not wiping out all our credit card and student loan debt. While there are legitimate and positive benefits to hacking, and many hackers never do anything malicious, some do engage in illegal, fraudulent, and exploitative actions. With new data breaches being reported almost weekly, many people often wonder what hackers even do with all that stolen data.

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