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Criminal Defense

Should Cash Bail Be Abolished?

By Richard Dahl

While a few states have taken steps to give judges more leeway to waive cash bail when they think situations warrant it, only one state has decided to take the full dive and ban cash bail outright. That state is Illinois, and they will begin doing it after Jan. 1, 2023 – unless, that is, a lawsuit by several dozen state prosecutors and sheriffs stops it.

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COMIC: What Happens To Teens Caught Shoplifting?

By Maddy Buck, Esq.

This Black Friday, the only thing you should be taking an extra helping of is mashed potatoes from the Thanksgiving leftovers. Shoplifting is especially prevalent this time of year, but the penalties, even for teens, can be harsh. Learn more before making a mistake you'll regret.

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What Happens if You're Caught Shoplifting Under 18?

By Jordan Walker, J.D.

Statistics show the majority of shoplifting is done by teens. It may seem like shoplifting is a minor infraction and no big deal. After all, stores have too much stuff, so taking “merch" from a big business isn't really hurting anyone. No one will even notice, right? The crime of shoplifting, whether from a giant department store or a small local shop, can sometimes lead to serious criminal charges. Even if you're a minor, criminal laws for shoplifting apply.

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Don’t Be a Turkey: Keep Thanksgiving Safe and Legal

By Heather Kennedy-Bordeaux, Esq.

While frying a turkey for a gaggle of sneezy nephews, hosting a cornucopia of distant cousins, or stuffing your brother in a pick-up football game, calamity can befall even the most readied merrymaker.  Thanksgiving can bring mirth or misadventure. Our lives are hectic already, and it can feel like we’re jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire if we don’t have a solid holiday plan. With that in mind, here are some practical tips to help you stay safe and within the law this Thanksgiving.

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Is It Legal to Fight Back if Someone Hits You?

By Steven Ellison, Esq.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, Americans are once again gathering in public places. And where there are people, there are misunderstandings. Some of these misunderstandings even escalate to physical altercations. Or perhaps you're a survivor of domestic violence or the victim of a violent crime. If you happen to be on the receiving end of physical violence, you may be able to legally use reasonable force to defend yourself.

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Is it Illegal To Give Prescription Drugs to a Friend?

By Alex Sirek

Giving your friend one of your prescription painkillers or other prescription medication might seem like a no-brainer. If your friend is in pain, why wouldn't you try to help? Well, tragically, in this context being a good Samaritan could get you in a bit — or a lot — of trouble. Sharing prescription medications of any kind violates state and federal laws, which can lead to a range of criminal consequences. This can include fines, community service, probation, and even time in prison.

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