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Tarnished Twenty

Can a COVID-Positive Baseball Player Face Legal Problems for Hugging Teammates?

By Richard Dahl

Returning to competition during the coronavirus pandemic, professional sports leagues have created strict player testing regimens to minimize risks of spreading the disease. But what happens if a player tests positive, ignores quarantine orders, and puts his teammates at risk with physical contact? That's a question that has arisen following the Los Angeles Dodgers' recent World Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

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The Houston Astros' Legal Mess: A Summary

By Richard Dahl

It's become difficult to keep track of all the lawsuits that are landing on the Houston Astros' desk these days. At last count, there were five. The Astros, as you may or may not recall, are a major-league baseball team that is in very hot water for cheating. Major League Baseball has already heavily penalized the team for a scheme involving video cameras relaying opposing catchers' pitch selection signs to Astros' batters, giving them an unfair advantage.

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Fantasy Baseball Player Files Suit Claiming Cheating Scandals Created Unfair Gambling Platform

By Richard Dahl

Many baseball fans say that the recent revelations of electronic cheating by the Houston Astros has robbed them of their love of the game. A Massachusetts fantasy baseball bettor, however, is claiming that the wrongdoing cost him and others actual money. So he has filed a class-action lawsuit. Krisopher Olson filed the suit recently in federal court, naming the Astros, the Boston Red Sox, and Major League Baseball as the defendants.

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Can Baseball Fans Sue an Opposing Team for Electronic Cheating?

By Richard Dahl

In baseball, stealing signs has always been an accepted part of the game. If a runner on second base can figure out that a curveball is coming next by decoding a catcher's signs, it's OK if he relays that information to the batter by, say, touching the bill of his cap. In fact, that's considered good, smart baseball. But if a team uses electronic technology to steal signs, that's a no-no. And that is why A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow found themselves unemployed Jan. 13.

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Is the NBA Headed for a Legal Battle With China?

By Richard Dahl

The National Basketball Association enjoys a reputation as America's most "woke" professional sports league. In contrast to the National Football League, where Colin Kaepernick has apparently been blackballed for kneeling during a National Anthem, NBA star players and coaches regularly speak out in favor of Black Lives Matter and gun control, for instance. But that reputation is teetering now that the league is weighing its idealism against the lure of billions of dollars from China.

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Pay College Athletes? Is California Serious?

By Richard Dahl

There's nothing like cheering on your favorite big-time college football or basketball team, secure in the knowledge that it is pure amateur competition unsullied by money. OK, that was sarcasm. No serious fan of big-time college sports believes in this myth. No serious fan is unaware that college sports — at least the kind that draw big crowds — are a crassly commercial enterprise. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) now rakes in $1.1 billion a year.

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