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  • Is It Time To Take Away an Older Adult’s Car Keys?

    It's hard to convince an older adult parent to give up driving. In many locations, it would be akin to giving up one's independence. But there comes a time when it has to be done. As we age, our reaction times slow and our eyesight worsens. Statistics even show we develop limited mobility in the neck. Once an older driver hits age 65, their chances of getting into an accident while making a left turn increase by 8% every year.

  • When Should You Report a Defect in a Child's Toy?

    You bought a defective product and it is really bothering you. This goes beyond a little dissatisfaction. You believe the item is dangerous. Where do you turn? The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides guidance to companies and individual consumers about dangerous products and recalls. Anyone can file a complaint with the bureau and there is a form online that enables you to do so.

  • Top 10 Most Commonly Recalled Foods

    Food recalls are alarming but fairly common. They are worrisome in a fundamental way. None of us wants to be harmed by our nourishment, which after all, sustains us. Some items seem to continually get recalled. Here is a list of the ten most common types of food recalls, according to the Food Network. Top Ten Most Commonly Recalled Food Items 1. Baked Goods: Let them eat cake ... unless they are allergic.

  • Salmonella-Infected Cucumbers Continue Causing Illness Around the Country

    Over 500 people in 33 US states have been infected with salmonella, and one woman is dead, due to cucumbers. The culprit cukes have been recalled. But the Food Poisoning Bulletin suspects that there may be many more people ill. Most salmonella cases are not reported, so some experts believe that the true figure for this outbreak is much closer to 16,000 sick. That number comes from using a salmonella multiplier of 30.3, which has been derived from studying other such outbreaks.

  • Walgreens Overcharging Customers With 'Stale' Price Tags (Again)

    Back in 2014, Walgreens was hit with a permanent injunction against leaving expired price tags on its shelves. According to a new lawsuit from the Missouri attorney general's office, the chain is back at its old tricks again. The latest lawsuit cites an investigation launched that found more than 1,300 expired tags in 49 stores across the state, some as old as 2013.

  • Is It Legal to Travel With Large Sums of Cash?

    If you have $75,000 in cash, can you stuff it into a suitcase and board a plane with it? One passenger actually did this. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Richmond International Airport discovered $75,000 in cash in a passenger's luggage during a security check. The question remains: is it legal to travel with that much cash? Traveling with Cash Although it may seem sketchy, it is perfectly legal to travel with any amount of cash -- even very large amounts.

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