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  • Why The Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Abortion Case Is Different

    Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, handle many important and controversial cases. As just one example, lawsuits challenging abortion rights are brought in federal court each year like clockwork. Considering the number of federal court decisions involving the pro-choice/pro-life debate in recent years, why is Dobbs v. Jackson's Women's Health, currently…

  • Is It Time To Take Away an Older Adult’s Car Keys?

    It's hard to convince an older adult parent to give up driving. In many locations, it would be akin to giving up one's independence. But there comes a time when it has to be done. As we age, our reaction times slow and our eyesight worsens. Statistics even show we develop limited mobility in the neck. Once an older driver hits age 65, their chances of getting into an accident while making a left turn increase by 8% every year.

  • Old Spice Brand Sued for Irritating Deodorant

    Old Spice has done much to spice up its brand and reach a new generation with flashy advertising. But one youth who used the deodorant experienced rashes and burning under his arms, and his mother's complaints on the company's website are cited by lawyers in a suit filed this week in the US District Court in Cincinnati, Ohio. The palintiffs say Old Spice is inadequately labeled.

  • Federal Agencies File Complaint About NAE, Military Supplier Foods

    This week federal agencies filed a complaint against Native American Enterprises, a food supplier for schools and the military, after its products tested positive for Listeria contamination. The complaint comes after several warnings and is led by the Consumer Protect Branch of the US Department of Justice, according to Food Safety News. Native American Enterprises (NAE) makes refried beans and sauces and ready-to-eat taco meat products.

  • Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea Canned Tuna Recall

    Fans of tuna fish -- sometime called chicken of the sea -- may want to consider temporarily switching to just plain old chicken for sandwiches and salads, as two national canned tuna producers have issued a recall on tens of thousands of cans. At the very least check the brands for Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea tuna cans, as this small measure could save you a big headache ... or rather, stomachache.

  • Common Products That Contain Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde

    On the one hand we try to live healthy, avoiding poisonous habits and unhealthy foods. On the other hand, we live with toxins all around us, polluting our air, our hair, our homes, bodies, and lives. That is true of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde in laminate wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators has gotten a lot of attention in the last year or so. But did you know there is formaldehyde in plenty of other products, some of which you may use?

  • Yummy Brand Chicken Nuggets May Contain Metal Pieces

    If you're a fan of Yummy brand chicken nuggets, it's time to find a new snack. The Canadian frozen chicken product, manufactured by Maxi Canada, Inc. and sold in the US, is being recalled in both countries after Canadian authorities shared some scary news. The company's chicken nuggets may contain some not-so-yummy metal pieces. The initial complaint about foreign objects in the chicken nuggets actually come from an American consumer, reports Food Safety News.

  • Beware These Health and Beauty Fads and Products

    We are exposed to a lot of weird and wild notions of health and beauty. With so many stars paid to proclaim the wonders of a slew of beauty products, diets, and cleanses, it's hard to know when to detox, when to botox, and when to stop altogether. It's one thing if your diet doesn't work or your product doesn't deliver as promised. But sometimes the damage is much worse and a wondrous idea turns into a consumer's nightmare.

  • Maytag Raw Milk Blue Cheese Recalled From Whole Foods

    Raw food fans tout the benefits of unpasteurized dairy products, including improved skin tone, fewer allergies, and weight loss. But this week, go for the pasteurized cheese, or at least avoid Maytag brand Raw Milk Blue Cheese, sold at Whole Foods Markets around the nation. The cheese is being recalled for possible Listeria bacteria contamination. The Food and Drug Administration, however, has reported no illnesses in connection with this recall, according to NBC News.

  • Cancer Risk: Lumber Liquidators Laminate Has Dangerous Formaldehyde Levels

    Those shiny new floors you installed from Lumber Liquidators look great. After all, they're high laminate. But these high laminate floors also have high levels of formaldehyde, linked to an increased risk of cancer. They worsen breathing problems in those with asthma and other respiratory difficulties, and can cause eye, nose, and lung irritation in anyone, reports Chicago's Daily Herald.

  • Mars Recalls Snickers and Other Candy Bars in 55 Countries

    Snickers do sometimes satisfy but if you're traveling abroad you may want to opt for a candy bar that is not made by Mars. The company this week announced an international recall spanning 55 countries after a customer in Germany found a piece of plastic in a Snickers bar. The company traced the plastic back to a factory in the Netherlands "where it was determined that the piece came from a protective cover used in the manufacturing process," reports The Guardian.

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