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About FindLaw

Our mission is to make the law accessible and understandable for everyone. contains a wealth of free, up-to-date, and easily understandable legal information and tools. We also offer the most comprehensive lawyer directory on the internet. We help connect people with legal issues to the right professionals who are ready to help.

A Thomson Reuters business, FindLaw is the world’s leading provider of online legal information for consumers and small businesses. We are also the industry leader in internet marketing solutions for law firms.

Each month, more than 11 million people visit seeking in-depth articles, news, case law, and statutes on a wide variety of legal topics and practice areas. It is the most popular site for free legal information on the internet and has been since its inception in 1996. for Consumers

For consumers, FindLaw offers accessible information to enable everyone to better understand the law, make more informed legal decisions, and find quality legal help. We are debunking the myth that quality online legal information is confusing, expensive, and hard to find. Take a look:

Learn About the Law:
Smart, informative articles with current legal information explaining how the law affects everyday life events
Legal Blogs Network:
Providing daily access to the latest legal news and information
Lawyer Directory:
Searchable directory listing of qualified attorneys in your area
FindLaw Facebook for Consumers:
Offering peer-to-peer exchanges on current legal topics also provides our Guide to Hiring an Attorney -- with tips on choosing an attorney, preparing to meet with an attorney, understanding legal fees, and working with your attorney -- as well as our State Laws collection, featuring state-specific laws across dozens of popular legal topics. for Legal Professionals also provides the most comprehensive set of free legal resources on the internet for legal professionals, corporate counsel, law students, and businesses. FindLaw helps people run successful law practices, stay abreast of legal news affecting their practice area, grow their careers, and reach out to their clients with our array of legal tools and resources such as the following:

State and Federal Case Law and Statutes:
Free access to full opinions from key federal and state courts as well as federal and state statutes
Law Firm Management:
A wide spectrum of resources dedicated to solo and small law firm practice on topics ranging from starting, managing, and marketing a law firm, to practice news and support
Legal Professional Blogs:
Up-to-date news and information uniquely affecting the legal profession
Corporate Counsel Center:
A resource for corporate legal professionals and businesses that includes legal articles and news
Lawyer Marketing Resources:
Access to the largest online collection of quality live webcast and on-demand programming for legal practitioners looking to grow their client base

Internet Marketing Solutions for Lawyers

FindLaw’s industry-leading experience makes it the go-to resource for lawyers seeking a competitive edge through effective internet marketing solutions. For lawyers, FindLaw offers a broad array of client development services to help law firms find qualified prospects through website development, search engine marketing, lawyer directories, and other online visibility tools, including:

  • Attorney Websites
  • Website Promotion
  • Video Services
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Solutions

Learn More about FindLaw

FindLaw continues to grow and lead the legal market. The company has the largest team of online experts in the industry, a national network of sales consultants, and a proven ability to get results for its clients. Learn more about FindLaw with the following resources:

Company Background:
Information on the FindLaw media properties and history.
FindLaw in the Media:
Examples of FindLaw's reputation as a trusted legal source for members of the media.
Marketing for Lawyers:
Learn more about and reach our advertising sales department.
Contact Information:
Links to contact us, press inquiries, and the lawyer directory.
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