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Capitalize on client intake.

Turn more site visits into profitable client connections with FindLaw Intake Solutions.

Never miss a call.


More prospects

Close that gap with an always-on, personalized service that converts opportunities you’d otherwise never even see.


Better prospects

FindLaw customers with WebChat Connect gain nine percent more clients than those without.

Greater efficiency

Reduce time spent on pre-screening activities while achieving better results, freeing up your staff for more billable work.

See how it works

Make it easy for your next client to contact your firm, whether you’re actually available or not.

Legal consumers act fast.

If they can’t connect with your firm when they’re ready, they’ll move on to someone else. With Web Chat or Voice Connect – you never have to worry about missing another client.

Mobile Messaging

Connect with potential clients who are on-the-go through mobile messaging, and never miss a case opportunity.


Spanish-language coverage available on WebChat Connect and Voice Connect.

Custom Questions

Separate the wheat from the chaff. Our operators use keywords and practice areas that you define to send the hot leads to your firm.


When the chat or call ends, the chat transcript or call summary are immediately emailed to your firm. You will only be charged for successful engagements.

Intake FAQ

Do you offer 24/7 coverage for web chat?

Yes! WebChat Connect provides 24/7 chat coverage for your website. Users connect with an operator representing your firm who collects key issue and contact information and then passes this data on to you. WebChat Connect also allows you to make immediate phone connections with the most engaged contacts through hot transfer, according to hours and criteria that you define.

In addition, you’ll receive access to Contact Advisor, FindLaw’s contact management dashboard. Contact Advisor provides chat transcripts, at-a-glance contact information and demographic data on each prospect, and more — allowing you to evaluate and make an informed decision about each prospect.

How does the call answering service work?

Our call answering service offers up to 24/7/365 phone coverage, providing tools to give you full control. After dialing a FindLaw Call Tracking number on your website, FindLaw Profile or any additional online property, callers are greeted with an interactive voice response message. With the service, each caller can transfer directly to a number you designate or speak with an operator who collects key issue and contact details.

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