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Attorney online reviews are more important than you think


86 percent of legal consumers consider an attorney’s reputation one of their top hiring factors.*


67 percent of legal consumers consider “reviews from former clients” one of the most important pieces of additional information when considering an attorney.*

*2021 FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey

Law firm ratings and reviews

How can FindLaw help with your firm’s reputation management?

FindLaw Review Platform

Need to generate more online reviews for your firm? FindLaw has a service for that.

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FindLaw Client Pulse Survey

Take a more active role in monitoring and managing your online reputation.

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FindLaw Review Platform: Get more reviews for your law firm

If you have an existing FindLaw website, our Review Platform creates a seamless experience for your clients to leave a law firm review on or third-party sites such as Google and Facebook. Not only will we add a review button to your website that will guide clients through the review process, but we will also provide you with a custom review webpage that you can share with clients at your discretion.

In addition, you will gain access to a dashboard that allows you to see recent reviews, verify them, and respond directly to them on third-party sites, plus quarterly reports and email check-ins with a FindLaw Digital Marketing Expert.

FindLaw Client Pulse Survey: Listening to past clients

If you want the tools to actively manage your online reputation, FindLaw’s Client Pulse Survey is for you. Here’s how it works: Every quarter, FindLaw will send a survey to a list of your past clients, collect their feedback, and build a report that analyzes the data and provides recommendations, which you will then discuss with a FindLaw Digital Marketing Expert. Also, clients will be encouraged to review the firm on a review profile of their choice.

By taking an active role in managing your reputation, you reduce the risk of client dissatisfaction and increase the likelihood of getting positive reviews.

Prospective clients want ‘proof’ – so make sure they have it

When legal consumers today look for help, they often turn to online attorney ratings and reviews. And if your firm doesn’t have any, let alone good ones, you may not even get a call — but the competition down the street with lots of reviews just might.

Positive reviews from past clients are one of the most effective ways to convince potential clients to choose your firm over another. They want to feel good about hiring your firm. They want to feel like they’re making a smart choice — and attorney reviews provide them with the validation and proof they need.

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