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Succeeding in law school without help from those who have already been through the grind can be tough. Whether you’re just contemplating taking the LSAT, stuck in the muck of law school, or drowning in the ocean that is bar review, FindLaw for Law Students provides sage advice from those who have experienced the journey and survived to tell their tale. Deciding whether or not to attend law school and become a lawyer is not easy. Staying on track along the way can be even harder. Let FindLaw for Law Students assist you in making pre-law school decisions, surviving law school once admitted, and tackling that formidable bar exam.

Law Students Articles

  • Accredited vs. Unaccredited Law Schools

    When shopping around for law schools one important aspect worth noting is the school's status as an accredited or unaccredited law school. Here is an overview of accredited and unaccredited law schools, including the main differences between the two.  

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  • Best Apps for Studying in Law School

    Law school is a challenge for even the best students, especially first year. But there are plenty of ways for law students to stay organized and on top of their coursework. And while we have a lot of love for hornbooks and Black's Law Dictionary, there's a whole world of tools out there that take up no more space than your iPhone.

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  • Do Law School Rankings Matter?

    If you're an undergraduate filling out law school applications or a law student considering a transfer, you've probably spent time poring over law school rankings. After all, law school is a major investment, and you want to do your research. And school rankings are historically more important in the legal market than in other areas of academia. But what exactly do these numbers mean, and how should they affect your decision?

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  • How to Brief a Case in Law School

    Case briefs are an important study tool for any law student, but they can be difficult to write the first few times around. Follow these tips to create a brief with all the info you need. 

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  • How to Pick a Bar Review Course

    The decision of which bar review course to take is almost as important as deciding where to go to law school. This article offers tips and insight to help you research bar review courses, so that you can find the one best tailored to your own learning style and goals.

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  • Law School Admissions

    The first step to surviving law school is, well, getting into law school. Learn more about how to compile the best application with FindLaw for Law Students.

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  • Law Student Organizations

    Law student organizations provide opportunities for networking, mentoring, and exploring different areas of legal practice. Learn about the different kinds of law student organizations and more at

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  • Sample 1L Study Schedule

    Law school is well known for the grueling schedule it imposes on its students. From the hundreds of pages per week in reading, to the endless pressure of preparing outlines for finals, the first year of law school can feel like being hit with a ton of bricks. Students who have been through it all know that in order to survive the first year of law school, it's imperative that students prepare and follow a 1L study schedule.

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  • Should I Get a JD/MBA?

    Contemplating a joint JD/MBA program? Find out the pros and cons of this career track, including where to go to get more information, by checking out this article.

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  • Why Go to Law School?

    When weighing the decision to go to law school, it's important not to overinflate your expectations. After all, not every lawyer turns out to be a John or Thurgood Marshall and there are important factors to consider. Read on to learn more.

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