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After the Bar Exam

If you've made your way through the bar exam, or if you're a law student taking a much-needed mental break to ponder life after the bar exam, you can't wait until you can finally breakout and put your degree into practice. The legal job market, much like the law itself, is an ever-evolving landscape that can be challenging to navigate on your own. The After the Bar Exam section of FindLaw for Law Students is designed to provide you with the resources you need to get your legal career started, whether it be in government, in a law firm, or in a practice of your own.

Learn More About After the Bar Exam

  • How to Report Your CLE Credit Hours By State

    Law schools do a good job of teaching you how to think like a lawyer, but they don't spend a lot of time on the logistics of life as an attorney - like maintaining your law license. In many states, completing and reporting Continuing Legal Education credits is required for all licensed attorneys. Find out how the process works in your state!

  • Flying Solo: Starting Your Own Law Practice

    Whether you have just graduated from law school or have been working at a law firm for decades, starting your own practice is always an option. Although it is scary to consider putting on the pilot's hat and flying your own plane, if you follow some of these guidelines, there is no reason why you cannot learn to fly successfully.

  • How to Start a Law Firm: Startup Checklist

    Thinking of opening a law office? The following is a simple, basic checklist to get your office up and running, but the checklist will actually vary depending on your individual needs, the type of law you will practice, staffing needs, and various other factors.

  • Setting Realistic Career Goals

    My fear is that I have incredible advocacy, litigation, speaking, and interpersonal skills that I will never be allowed to use in the legal profession because there are so many doors closed to someone with my grades. Can you give me the straight story on what my options are?

  • How to Land a Job as a Recent Law Grad with Little Experience

    I am a recent law school graduate who is admitted to the Bar in Massachusetts. Despite my high grades in law school, I do not seem to be able to find a position as an attorney. All firms require one or more years of experience.

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