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Learn about the editors, writers, and others who work hard every day to provide accessible and free legal information to audiences across the country.

Executive Team

Jim Schonrock

Vice President, Product and Business Development

Jim Schonrock, Vice President, Product and Business Development

Jim Schonrock is responsible for enhancing FindLaw's solutions so they continue to deliver exceptional results and service to consumers. One of his primary focus areas involves leveraging customer and marketplace knowledge to support solutions that allow FindLaw’s customer experience to consistently meet or beat expectations. In 1995, Jim joined Thomson Reuters, where he has served as FindLaw’s senior director of product management and director of operations. He has brought numerous client development solutions to market while also managing and optimizing existing products to deliver optimum value. He has experience executing successful channel launch strategies, partnering with a nationwide sales force to drive product growth. Jim received his MBA from the University of St. Thomas and a B.A. in history from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Sean Sands

Director, Consumer Properties

Sean Sands, Executive Editor

Sean Sands is the Director of,, and Sean has worked for FindLaw since 2008, where he has partnered with and managed multiple teams responsible for providing access to legal services and information. Sean has written numerous articles and white papers on web content strategy in the legal marketplace and has been a speaker on the topic at legal conventions nationwide. Before joining FindLaw, Sean ran a marketing agency supporting small-business professionals and was a freelance contributor to technology publications and websites.

Editorial Team

Kit Spielberger

Executive Editor

Kit Spielberger, Managing Editor

Kit Spielberger is responsible for the day-to-day operation of,, and

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Ally Marshall, Esq.

Managing Editor

Ally Marshall, Managing Editor

Ally Marshall is the managing editor for FindLaw's Legal Forms and Services. 

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Camila Laval, J.D.

Managing Editor

Camila Laval, J.D.

Camila Laval is the managing editor for

Read Camila's full bio here >

Andrew Leonatti

Managing Editor

Andrew Leonatti, Senior Legal Writer

Andy Leonatti manages's supporting content, including its blog, newsletters, and videos. He is a co-host of FindLaw's Don't Judge Me podcast.

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Bridget Molitor, J.D.

Managing Editor

Bridget Molitor, Managing Editor

Bridget Molitor is the managing editor for’s article content. 

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Joseph Fawbush, Esq.

Senior Legal Writer

Joseph Fawbush, Senior Legal Writer

Joe Fawbush is a senior legal writer for, with a focus on legal consumer articles and blogs.

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Laura Temme, Esq.

Senior Legal Writer

Laura Temme, Legal Writer

Laura Temme is a senior legal writer for, with a focus on content for law students and legal professionals. She is also a co-host of FindLaw’s Don’t Judge Me podcast.

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Jonathan Calvopina

Legal Writer

Jonathan Calvopina, Legal Writer

Jonathan Calvopina edits articles and creates content in Spanish for and its social media channels. 

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Mariana Petersen, J.D.

Legal Writer

Mariana Petersen edits articles and creates content in Spanish for and its social media channels. She also writes for FindLaw blogs. 

Read Mariana's full bio here >

Madison Hess, J.D.

Legal Writer

Madison Hess, J.D.

Madison Hess is a legal writer for FindLaw’s Legal Forms and Services.

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Catherine Hodder, Esq.

Senior Legal Writer

Catherine Hodder, Esq.

Catherine Hodder, Esq, is an estate planning and business planning attorney who works on FindLaw’s Legal Forms & Services.

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Tim Kelly, J.D.

Legal Writer

Tim Kelly, J.D.

Tim Kelly writes and edits consumer legal content for and 

Read Tim's full bio here >

Jordan Walker, J.D.

Legal Writer

Jordan Walker, J.D.

Jordan Walker is a legal writer for FindLaw’s Legal Forms & Services. 

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Strategist Team

Sofia Bello

Social Media & Community Manager

Sofia Bello

Sofia Bello is the Social Media and Community Manager for,, and After graduating from Augsburg University in 2019 with a double major in business management and marketing, Sofia knew that she wanted to work in a space that allowed her to use her creativity and love for social media while feeling like she was fulfilling her purpose. Sofia is passionate about serving others through the power of digital marketing. She has worked with churches and small consulting firms, and has helped with the publication of a book.

Linda Foster

Senior Content Strategist

Linda Gresky Foster is the Senior Content Strategist for,, and She has a 20-year career in marketing communications focused on content strategy and development in the technology, entertainment, and food service industries.

She holds a master’s degree in Education and has written two award-winning children’s books with her daughter, Morgan. Positively contributing to her community is a priority; she has served on the boards of directors for environmental and literacy groups. 

Brett Lindenberg

Lead Digital Marketing Strategist

Brett Lindenberg, Lead Digital Marketing Strategist

Brett Lindenberg digs into the data to understand how visitors engage with legal content on Since 2007, he’s held various digital marketing roles from content writer to paid search manager. Brett holds a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in journalism from the University of North Dakota.

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