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Jordan Walker, J.D.

Legal Writer

Jordan Walker, J.D., Legal Writer

Articles written


Legal Writer, FindLaw Legal Forms & Services

Jordan Walker is a legal writer for FindLaw’s Legal Forms & Services who has written considerably about the inclusion of health care directives in estate planning. Jordan also explains legal concepts and procedures to consumers by writing about celebrity encounters with the law. Before joining FindLaw, Jordan worked with small law firms to establish their social marketing campaigns and to create their legal forms and templates. She particularly enjoys coming up with innovative techniques that help parents and children interact with the law and has teamed up with multiple high schools to educate teens about relevant legal issues in a way that catches their attention.

Jordan majored in journalism and graduated cum laude from West Virginia University. She received her J.D. from West Virginia University College of Law where she earned the CALI Excellence for Future Award in Intellectual Property and interned for the general counsel of a mid-size retail clothing corporation. On her days off from studying, Jordan coached local youth cheerleading.

Jordan’s favorite thing about joining FindLaw is working with people who share her passion for finding methods to make legal resources and information more accessible. She likes exploring different approaches to present the law in fun and creative ways. Jordan loves gardening and running in sunny Georgia where she spends her free time binge watching reality tv and begging her two sons to hang out with her.

Latest Articles

  • What Happens if You're Caught Shoplifting Under 18?

    Statistics show the majority of shoplifting is done by teens. It may seem like shoplifting is a minor infraction and no big deal. After all, stores have too much stuff, so taking “merch" from a big business isn't really hurting anyone. No one will even notice, right? The crime of shoplifting, whether from a giant department store or a small local shop, can sometimes lead to serious criminal charges. Even if you're a minor, criminal laws for shoplifting apply.

  • When Is it Legal for Teens To Buy Tobacco or E-cigs?

    Even though teens are smoking less cigarettes over the years, other tobacco or nicotine products like vape pens, JUULs, and other kinds of e-cigarettes are continuing to grow in popularity for adolescents. In 2019, the federal government passed a new law increasing the minimum legal sales age for the retail sale of tobacco products from 18 to 21. And most states also now have laws making the legal age for possessing or using e-cigarettes and tobacco 21 years old. So if you're a minor and “hit the nic," what can happen if you get caught?

  • Halloween Crime and Teenagers

    It's that time of year again. Pumpkin spice everything, sweater weather, and of course, Halloween. Whether it's too much candy corn or just something in the crisp autumn air, Halloween night seems to create a rise in juvenile crimes and pranks. So before you open that freshly delivered costume from Amazon, here's what you should know about the most common criminal activity that takes place on All Hallows' Eve.

  • What Happens if You Get Caught Drinking Under 21?

    According to television shows and movies, underage drinking is a regular thing. The popular series Riverdale has tons of episodes featuring an underage person or young adult drinking alcoholic beverages. Remember when Veronica opened her own nightclub, La Bonne Nuit? So if underage drinking seems like a normal part of the teenage experience, is the consumption of alcohol by minors really that big of a deal? What about possession of alcohol by a minor (also known as “minor in possession” or “MIP”)?

  • What Happens if You Get a Speeding Ticket When Under 18?

    So you just got your driver's license, and you received a speeding ticket. This is what you've been waiting for, but you just had to go faster than that lame speed limit. You're probably freaking out about how mad your parents are going to be and wondering if your insurance rates will go up. Or worse, you're scared that this traffic citation will result in you getting a license suspension. Bet you're missing the old days when speeding meant going fast enough to win a game of “Red Light, Green Light." But don't start searching for a defense lawyer just yet. Speeding is one of the most common moving violations, so it's unlikely a police officer is coming to lock you away forever.

  • Can Teachers Take Your Phone?

    Today, it's not uncommon for kids to get a mobile phone or other electronic devices at a young age. And almost all of them (including you) bring their “smart" phones or devices to school. With so many kids involved in extracurricular activities after school, and parents carpooling and using apps like Lyft and Uber to transport their children here and there, this makes sense. And we also all too often see stories on the news about violence in high schools, and how kids in trouble are able to reach the police and their parents.

  • I'm 18 and Dating Someone Underage: Is it Illegal to Have Sex?

    Raging hormones, butterflies in your stomach, make-out sessions when your parents aren't looking. Ahh, there's nothing like young love (or lust). Many teens are sexually active. But did you know if you're 18 years of age or older and have a sexual relationship with someone younger, you could be committing statutory rape? Or if you're both younger than 18, you could still be breaking the law? So hold off on the perfume and Axe body spray for now.

  • Is Sexting Illegal for Teens?

    Did you know that teenagers could be committing a crime based on the messages they send and receive on their cell phones? Text messages, DM's, Snapchats, and other electronic messages can violate state criminal laws if they contain sexual messages, images, or videos. But what if you only send nude photos to someone you're in a relationship with? Or what if you receive sexts or explicit photos that you didn't want? (We all probably know that certain someone we're not trying to see naked).

  • Is Bullying Legal? What About Cyberbullying?

    If we've learned anything from Regina George or Draco Malfoy, it's that no one likes a bully. It's commonly understood that bullying is bad. But behaviors that define bullying are constantly changing, which makes it difficult to know for certain when bullying occurs. So what exactly is considered bullying? And is it against the law, or is it just something you get in trouble for at school? What about cyberbullying or other activities that take place off-campus?

  • Jen Shah Pleads Guilty

    Jen Shah, star of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," appeared before a U.S. District Court judge and pleaded guilty in her federal fraud case. Shah was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering in 2021. She originally pleaded not guilty to all charges and has adamantly denied any wrongdoing on her part until her court appearance this week.

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