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Laura Temme, Esq.

Laura Temme, Esq.

Articles written


Senior Legal Writer, FindLaw for Legal Professionals

Laura Temme is a lawyer, writer, and host of FindLaw’s "Don’t Judge Me" podcast. She obtained her law degree from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. She loves putting her decade of experience in writing online content to work making the law accessible to a broad audience at FindLaw. You can see Laura discuss the process of finding a lawyer (and how it doesn’t have to be scary) in her Balancing Act interview with Montel Williams.

Laura is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, and she has consulted with artists and arts organizations on contracts, copyright, and licensing issues. When she isn’t writing or thinking about the law, Laura is probably watching horror movies or having outdoor adventures with her canine best friend, Ted.

Latest Articles

  • Boston Marriage Certificates No Longer Require Gender Identification

    Couples tying the knot in Boston can now get a marriage certificate without identifying their gender or sex, thanks to new city guidelines. The new policy for city workers also includes guidance on when it is appropriate to ask someone their gender and the best ways to ask for a…

  • Do Insurance Companies and Medicaid Cover Gender-Affirming Care?

    Medicaid and insurance coverage for gender-affirming care varies from state to state. FindLaw breaks it all down in this article on LGBTQ+ health care.

  • Clinton v. Jones Case Summary

    FindLaw breaks down the 1994 case that limited the president's immunity from private lawsuits and forced Monica Lewinsky into the national spotlight.

  • United States Supreme Court Justices

    Since 1789, more than 100 justices have served on the United States Supreme Court. Learn more about the nation's highest court on FindLaw's Supreme Court.

  • Can I Sue Someone for Catfishing Me?

    Online dating has become the norm in recent years. But as many people have experienced, filling out a profile is easy. Living up to it is a whole different story. In extreme cases, a person might invent an entirely different persona to talk to others online.

  • How to Provide Non-Parties With Notice to Preserve Documents

    What happens when the documents you need are held by a third party? Follow these tips to create a non-party notice to preserve.

  • The Ethical Considerations of Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is more than just a buzz word these days; it's an important part of any business. For attorneys, the rules of professional conduct include expectations on the responsible use of technology - and responding to cyber threats.

  • Associate Justice Clarence Thomas

    Justice Thomas is known for his quiet, stoic demeanor on the bench. He rarely asks questions during oral arguments, but his conservative approach to the law has certainly influenced the court over the last three decades.

  • Chief Justice John Roberts

    Since his nomination in 2005, Chief Justice John Roberts has led the Supreme Court with an emphasis on preserving the court's legitimacy as a government institution.

  • Associate Justice Elena Kagan

    Justice Elena Kagan joined the Supreme Court in 2010, the fourth woman to be appointed to the nation's highest court.

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