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Prepping for the Bar

The bar exam. These three little words probably didn't mean as much to you before you started law school, but now they're at the center of your universe (or close to it). There's nothing quite comparable to the two months you'll spend studying for the bar exam. You'll eat, you'll sleep, and you'll study. But you'll also be learning tremendous amounts of information and, on looking back, you'll be proud of yourself for your hard work. With that being said, the goal isn't just to take the bar exam, but to pass it and move forward with your career. The Bar Exam section of FindLaw for Law Students is here to help you succeed and covers information on the bar exam as well as its precursors, the MPRE and Baby Bar.

Prepping for the Bar Articles

  • How to Pick a Bar Review Course

    The decision of which bar review course to take is almost as important as deciding where to go to law school. This article offers tips and insight to help you research bar review courses, so that you can find the one best tailored to your own learning style and goals.

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  • Bar Exam Results

    So you've made it through the bar exam. Now what? How long you have to wait for results, and how you'll get them, varies by state. Learn more on FindLaw for Law Students

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  • MPRE Review Courses

    All but a handful of states require that you pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) before being admitted to practice law. The following article provides an overview of some prominent MPRE review courses.

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  • What Is On the Bar Exam?

    Preparing for the bar exam is stressful. Take some of the guesswork out of your studies by understanding exactly what you'll be tested on in your state.

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  • What is the 'Baby Bar'?

    The 'baby bar' is an exam that students attending unaccredited law schools in California must pass after their first year of law school in order to qualify for the bar exam. This article provides an overview of the baby bar.

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