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Surviving Law School

Law school can be brutal. The seemingly endless cycle of reading, outlining, and studying can bring even the most positive person down. FindLaw for Law Students provides advice on the best ways to weather the storm and survive law school. Through the Surviving Law School section, current law students can take advantage of sample study schedules, course outlines and exams, and access to always-important legal research tools. The resources in this section can also help law students decide which electives are ideal for their desired career path and whether or not student organizations, law journal, moot court, and other extracurricular activities are a right fit.

Surviving Law School Articles

  • Law Reviews: Information and Index

    In law school, you always have the ability to stand out academically. However, some of the best opportunities to shine lay outside of the classroom. Law reviews, for example, let you learn about interesting legal areas while providing the experience of working in a formal publishing process.  

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  • FindLaw Legal Research Resources

    FindLaw has a wealth of free online legal research tools to help you survive law school. You will find everything from cases and codes to articles that help you learn about the law.

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  • Publications for Law Students

    The law is ever changing, and it's important to stay in tune with contemporary legal updates and debates as you start your career. This article gives an overview of various law student publications to do just that, and to help prepare you for the legal landscape that awaits.

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  • Moot Court vs. Law Review: Which Is More Worthwhile?

    It is considered an honor to participate in a law school's moot court or law journal projects, but which activity is right for you? This article gives you the information you need to make an informed choice.

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  • Law School Practice Exams

    Want to know what your professors will be looking for on their finals? One way to do that is by reviewing their actual past exams and practice exams. Not only will these resources prepare you for your finals, but they will also help you to understand materials and concepts throughout a course.  

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