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Legal Research

One of the most embarrassing moments for a law student, but even more so for an attorney, is citing a case that is directly on point in support of your impassioned argument only to find that it's no longer good law. The switch from binding to persuasive in an argument can be a quick one, but one you want to avoid doing on the spot, if possible. The Legal Research section of FindLaw for Law Students contains helpful guidance for how to more effectively and efficiently conduct legal research. From information on useful publications for law students to resources available on FindLaw and Westlaw, this section is designed to serve as a tool for your success during law school and continuing through your legal career.

Legal Research Articles

  • FindLaw Legal Research Resources

    FindLaw has a wealth of free online legal research tools to help you survive law school. You will find everything from cases and codes to articles that help you learn about the law.

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  • Publications for Law Students

    The law is ever changing, and it's important to stay in tune with contemporary legal updates and debates as you start your career. This article gives an overview of various law student publications to do just that, and to help prepare you for the legal landscape that awaits.

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  • Westlaw for Law Students

    A giant in the legal research industry, Westlaw provides comprehensive research resources and valuable training. The following article provides an overview of how a familiarity with Westlaw's products can help ensure your success as a law student.

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