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Linda Sanabria, J.D.

Contributing Author

Linda Sanabria, J.D., Contributing Author

Articles written


Linda M. Sanabria is a writer and editor from Miami, Florida, who holds a law degree, a B.S. in criminal justice, and a minor in history.

Linda is currently a legal writer for, with a focus on criminal law. She has harbored a love for writing for as long as she can remember. Linda has been reading and writing since her early childhood and started writing professionally almost a decade ago. While attending college and law school, she worked as a law clerk, writing tutor, content writer, resume writer, and copywriter. Although passionate about fiction, Linda has too many drafts and not enough time but plans to publish in the future. She also plans on practicing law.

In her spare time, Linda enjoys spending time with her family and friends, helping others, victim advocacy, working with children, and raising caterpillars. She loves The Beatles, Disney, Miami Heat, acting, video games, and Norse Mythology. Linda works hard to provide for her two beloved dogs and precious cat: Dolly, Princess, and Sadie. 

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