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How to Make a Will FAQ by State

Get your answers to making a will in your state

What is a Last Will and Testament?

What is a will

View all “What is a will” articles

Why You Need a Last Will and Testament

Find out how a will benefits those you leave behind

View all “Why you need a will” articles

How to Make a Last Will and Testament

How to create your will and what to include to protect loved ones

View all “How to make a will” articles

Finalizing and Updating Your Will

Learn the steps to finalize your will including when to review and update it

View all “Finalizing and updating a will” articles

Learn About Witnesses for Your Will

What to consider when choosing witnesses for your will

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Learn About the Role of Personal Representative or Executor

The role and responsibilities of an estate administrator

View all “Personal representative or executor” articles

Learn About Beneficiaries

How to leave your property and assets to those you wish

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Learn About Probate

Understand the process of settling an estate

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Learn about Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency

Find out how to plan for digital assets and cryptocurrency in your will

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State-by-State Making a Will FAQs

Comprehensive answers to questions surrounding making a will across states

View all “State-by-State Will FAQs” articles

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