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How To Market Yourself For Non-Legal Jobs

By Jeffrey Strausser

Q: After law school, I decided that a traditional law career was not for me. To this end, I did not take the bar examination for any jurisdiction. Nonetheless, I had decided to enter into the field of finance to utilize some of the legal skills and critical analysis that were taught to me in law school.

To date, I have found that my legal education has been somewhat of a barrier in my career path. It seems that prospective non-legal employers do not seem to appreciate my legal education, nor do they believe that my legal training would be of any positive value to them.

Perhaps I am looking up the wrong route or it may be that I am not marketing myself in a proper manner. I would appreciate your input as to a way that I could market my legal skills and education for the benefit of a non-law financial position. Thank you.

A: In Judgment Reversed, I make two statements that I believe are the most critical to this entire process of using your legal skills to help yourself in the business sector. First, I advise law students who are considering not practicing law to take and pass the bar anyway. That course of action yields closure and shows prospective employers that you can finish something. Secondly, it is imperative that you specifically show employers how your legal knowledge will benefit them. I point out in Judgment Reversed that researching how you can add value to the company is essential so that you have this information at the job interview. It is incumbent on you to show your worth, not on the prospective employer to accept your worth.
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