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The Best Job Search Process For A Third Year Student

By Hillary Mantis

Q: What is the best job search process for a third year student to employ at this time?

A: The good news for third years is that there is still a lot of time left, and plenty of job opportunities. Although the big firms have by and large completed their formal recruitment programs, they still do some hiring in the spring--it's best to contact the recruitment coordinators directly, as well as to write to some alumni of your law school who work at the firm. Smaller firms usually don't even start to think about hiring third years until early in the spring. Small firm hiring continues all semester, into the summer, and throughout the fall. Most small firms advertise on law school websites and some will come on campus for spring recruitment programs. I would concentrate my job search activities on smaller firms with practice areas that interest you. Also, don't forget to schedule regular meetings with a career counselor at your law school so they know that you are still looking for a job and can continue coaching you through the process. Again, don't forget that there are still plenty of good opportunities left. Good luck!

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