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What can a applicant do to increase her chances interviewing against more experienced applicants?

By David Helfand

Q: What can a young applicant do to increase her chances interviewing gainst older, more experienced applicants?

A: While this concern of yours is certainly understandable I would suggest not spending too much energy worrying about your competition but to rather focus more of what you have to offer a potential employer. What makes you special? What talents and abilities help you to stand out as a possible candidate?

Were there any aspects of your law school experience that sets you apart from the norm that a future employer would appreciate? With regard to personal attributes, what can you bring to the table that employers would be interested in; enthusiasm, energy, strong work ethic, team player? Think about what an employer would appreciate about you and be sure to convey this in both your written and oral presentations.

Remember, your salary demands may just make you more attractive than your experienced competition just depends on the nature of the position youre applying for and approach of the employer. Best of luck in pursuing your career goals.

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