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Your New Law Job

After you've found a legal position, there may come a time when you evaluate your job, and decide to move on to a new opportunity. Few attorneys stay in their current position for the duration of their careers, so it is crucial to know when and what will be important when you decide to make a change. What factors should you consider? FindLaw’s section on Your New Law Job offers insight into why firm culture matters, understanding the big picture when changing jobs, moving your career to another city, giving notice to your present employer, moving on at the partner level, and easing the exit from you current position.

Your New Law Job Articles

  • Between Offer and Acceptance

    While you definitely want to show the same enthusiasm you did during the interviewing process, it is always prudent to take a bit of time to consider what you are about to do.

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  • Moving Your Career to Another City

    BCG Guide to Relocation There is nothing more exciting that leaving one area of the country and going to a new area to start a new career and life.

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  • Relocating Overseas

    Moving Your Career to London or Hong Kong In recent years, a good number of American attorneys have relocated overseas. These relocations have been principally to London and Hong Kong.

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  • Moving on at the Partner Level: A Primer

    One of the largest changes that has taken place in the legal profession over the past quarter of a century is the lateral movement of partners and practice groups and the acquisition of entire firms by larger law firms.

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  • Firm Culture Matters Most

    We believe that an attorney's happiness and success in the practice of law have more to do with a particular law firm culture (which is sometimes also referred to as the "personality of a firm") than with any other factor.

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  • Changing Legal Practice Areas

    It is difficult to switch practice areas, but it can be done.

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  • What are some challenges for an attorney working overseas?

    I am a fourth year lawyer who is considering working overseas or possibly in Australia.

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  • To temp or not to temp?

    Whether to take a temporary position while either waiting for a permanent position or between jobs is the question faced by a large number of attorneys and new law school graduates in the job market.

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  • How To "Live Large" In LA

    I am a first-year lawyer working at a small firm in the Los Angeles area where I am gaining wonderful experience in several areas of law. I take assignments from three different partners and I am given a lot of independence.

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  • Giving Notice

    You have just landed a job, and you are experiencing the elation of finally achieving your goal to get the perfect position at an exciting firm.Suddenly, you feel the onset of anxiety upon realizing that you face new challenges, excitement and uncertainty. T

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