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Professions For A Law Student With An Undergraduate Degree In Accounting

By Hillary Mantis

Q: I need information about professions available for a law student with an undergraduate degree in accounting. Possibly in securities, sports, tax?

Q: An accounting degree is really a good background for almost any type of law practice. Any type of corporate or securities law and tax law are definitely good choices. Also, large accounting firms hire lawyers with accounting backgrounds, and often send them back to school while they are working to get an llm in tax. I would add, however, that you don't necessarily have to use your accounting background if you don't want to--all areas of practice should be open to you at this early point in your career. So, check them all out while you are a student-try different internships and summer jobs, and talk to graduates about how they like their jobs. I do think that an accounting background combined with a law degree is a great combination and will look good on your resume. Good luck with your decision.

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