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At-Home Fitness for Lawyers

Image Description

Image 1: Running shoes, a water bottle, a jump rope and an orange on a pink background. 

Text: At-Home Fitness for Lawyers, how attorneys can stay sharp mentally and physically when they're stuck at home.

Image 2: Solid green background

Text: By FindLaw's Completely Unqualified Trainers (Writers)

Image 3: A woman reaches for a book on a high shelf

Text: Reach up high. Can't forget to stretch!

Image 4: A man looking concerned as he carries a large stack of books.

Text: Lift your practice guides

Image 5: A woman performing a plank on a yoga mat

Text: Strengthen your arguments (and your core)

Image 6: A female attorney faces the jury and holds up a stack of papers

Text: Objection! Stand, sit, repeat. 

Image 7: A man in a suit bends to pick up a heavy briefcase

Text: Briefcase lunges

Image 8: A young woman squeezing a stress ball at a wooden desk

Text: Crush opposing counsel (metaphorically, of course)

Image 9: Solid green background

Text: Does not replace your fitness routine (but we had fun). 

Image 10: Solid green background

Text: Stay Strong Out There!



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