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e-Stet Frees the Document Review Bottleneck Using Equivio's Predictive Coding Technology

Los Angeles, CA, May 17, 2011 -- e-Stet, a global provider of electronic litigation support services, today announced that it recently adopted Equivio Relevance technology to streamline its e-Discovery and e-Review services.


As a key component of Equivio's Smart Discovery model, Equivio>Relevance revolutionizes the way litigators perform electronic discovery. Through its expert-based predictive coding technology, Equivio>Relevance helps litigators navigate smoothly through the mountains of electronically stored information to find the documents they need -- quickly and efficiently. Compared to incumbent approaches, which are based on keyword searching and linear review, the Equivio technology enables the review of fewer documents while discovering significantly more of the relevant documents.160


"By160 adopting Equivio>Relevance as an integral part of our end-to-end e-discovery workflow, we are better able to offer cost and time savings solutions to our clients," said Yoeli Barag, Esq., President of e-Stet.160 Accelerating review with this game-changing technology allows us to focus attention on the most relevant documents without sacrificing quality and accuracy.160 I have been watching Equivio's suite of offerings for the past several years and am continually impressed by the level of innovation and attention to defensibility. We are pleased to add this cutting-edge predictive coding tool to e-Stet's suite of offerings."


Equivio>Relevance leverages innovative predictive coding technology to introduce a higher level of flexibility, control and accuracy into the e-discovery process. Based on initial input from an experienced attorney, Equivio>Relevance quickly and reliably assesses document relevance. This enables the data set to be reduced to a much lower, workable volume. Equivio>Relevance achieves high levels of recall and precision, helping overcome the challenges of over- and under-inclusion that characterize traditional keyword-based culling methods. By organizing the review set according to relevance scores, Equivio>Relevance supports early case assessment, pre-filtering and prioritization of review. The product can also be used to enable systematic quality assurance via analysis of the human review output.


"With Equivio's predictive coding solution, e-Stet is now able to offer its customers a smarter approach for managing the skyrocketing costs of electronic discovery," said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. "Compared to traditional linear review approaches, Equivio>Relevance saves litigators more than 50% in review time,160 while retrieving 80% of relevant documents as opposed to 20-30% using keyword searching."


About e-Stet

e-Stet is a global provider of electronic litigation support services.160 Founded in 2007, the company offers comprehensive solutions to streamline the discovery process. By employing a staff of computer scientists and attorneys, e-Stet provides clients with the unique blend of law and technology expertise to simplify the litigation process.160

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About Equivio

Equivio provides analytical solutions for e-discovery. Equivio's solutions enable the Smart Discovery paradigm, reducing review volumes while finding more relevant documents. The Equivio suite includes predictive coding, near-duplicates, email threads, language detection and relevance mapping. Request a demo at or visit us at .160 Be smart. Read less. Think more.

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